10 beautiful and original crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Crafts for Valentine's Day

What to give your loved ones on the Day of Love and Friendship? Well, if you want to save a few euros without giving up telling your partner or friends how much you care about them, you can make some divine gifts with your own hands. To give as a gift or to decorate the home on this special date. Here we leave you ideas to carry out 10 beautiful and original crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021. Take note of everything and start choosing which one to start with.

Crafts for Valentine's Day

Wreath with hearts

Are you going to organize a small event at home or have a date and want to set the space for the moment? Well, put garlands. You can make them yourself with cardboard or red fabrics, eva rubber, felt or whatever material you have on hand. And hang the hearts on a string or thread with the help of tweezers.

Wreath of hearts

You can also make them with strips of paper or colored ribbons giving them a heart shape.

Paper strip hearts

Instagram image by modatelasoficial

If you want to work on it even more, it will be beautiful with fabric hearts.

Garland of fabric hearts

In crochet.

Crochet hearts and pendants

Tasty craft for Valentine’s Day

Did you know that these crafts can also be edible? So if you prepared a dinner for your partner or friends, take advantage and prepare some fruit lollipops as flirty, tasty and healthy as these in the photo.

Heart fruit lollipops

Use strawberries and watermelon and shape them into a heart. Some wooden skewers will do the rest.

Doll in love

Wool monster

Instagram image by modatelasoficial

With a skein of wool of the color you want, assemble the body of a little monster like this. Put eyes and antennae or ears in the shape of a heart. For example, with the brushes that they sell for cleaning mini bottles or other similar objects such as toothpicks or cut skewer sticks in which we will hook some ears made of cardboard, fabric or the material that we have at hand.

Heart keychains

Felt keychain and heart-shaped buttons

Instagram Image by alenairam18

With felt and buttons and some skill with sewing, you can create keyrings as cool as these.

Heart earrings with bottle caps

DIY heart earrings

Instagram Image by decoideasbeth

With bottle caps that we can recycle, cute things like these heart earrings are made. Line the bottle seals with colored threads and add decorative elements.

Heart for couples

Made with felt, this nice heart to give to couples, made by you and personalized if you like a lot pretty crafts for Valentine’s Day.

Felt heart doll for couples

Instagram Image by alenairam18

Amigurumi cat with heart

If you are a person who is fond of amigurumi, we propose you this cute kitten with a heart made of crochet. Whoever receives it will love a gift like this.

Valentine amigurumi kitten

Or as a gift to a couple, these lovely boyfriends.

Amigurumis bears boyfriends

Do you prefer rats? Well here you go.

Amigurumi of rats in love

Wire heart pendants to decorate

The wire may seem a priori an unaesthetic material, true. But it is that with it you can get wonderful ornaments. Like these hearts to decorate any corner.

Wire heart pendants

Instagram image by cristina_sanjose

See what an attractive composition to decorate.

Decorative wire heart

Ball heart

Ball heart

Instagram Image by happylera_official

Like a mosaic of balls. Take round stones, or craft balls. You can also use bottle caps. Color them if you want. And stick them on a wooden or cardboard heart.

Heart bear card

An affectionate card carried by a cute bear with a beautiful and romantic heart made of cardboard or paper.

Bear card with paper heart

These 10 beautiful and original crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021 they are perfect to kill the hours during these days while we take refuge at home away from the dangers of the pandemic, taking advantage of the time with such fantastic and creative crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you also want your children to help you by sharing a hobby, look at the post we dedicate to easy crafts for children.

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