10 Couples Bedrooms Decorated In Relaxing Green And White

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If you feel that your bedroom needs a not so dramatic makeover, that brings at the same time the feeling of peace, relaxation and at the same time does not look so boring, this combination can be very attractive for the couple’s bedroom, like the designs that we will see. right away.


The green It is the color of nature, it is fresh, it transmits tranquility and what better if we add white to achieve that peace that many of us look for in our rooms.

Here are some ideas in different shades of green that may interest you to decorate your couple’s bedroom, either as the main color or as a decorative accent accompanied by white.


A room where white also predominates in the decoration with marked green details as we can see them in the bases of the lamps, bedding, seat at the end of the bed and horizontal curtains. The sand-toned carpet and headboard are perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the bedroom.


Another option to decorate a couple’s bedroom is to introduce the aquamarine green color in decorative accents, like this example, where in addition the various sets of patterns achieve a more dynamic and cheerful space


A couple’s bedroom where, in addition to green and white, a soft beige is included in the various textiles used. One of the most outstanding aspects is the ceiling, the structure of the room allows creating an area with vertical lines where a ceiling is perceived higher than it is, and, the central part, tray type, shows us a painting with a contrasting background enhancing the style to the environment.


A bedroom surrounded by white furniture and the color detail is assumed by the bed with an apple green blanket and the two yellow lamps to the sides. So we also see that the handles of the furniture and the carpet are the same color.


A lot of identity in this bedroom because the influential and varied shades of green give strength and personality to the proposal.


Bedroom in a beautiful shade of green creates a fresh, natural and peaceful atmosphere, the brightness and elegance is offered by the white color in this functional design.

bedroom-couple-green-white-4For those looking for more brightness and boldness in the bedroom, lime green can be a color alternative and as an accent in the decoration, as we see in this bedroom that includes this shade of green on the main wall with a large headboard. and recessed lamps to the sides. The quota of purity and harmony is offered by the white color for this minimalist room.


A good point of attention in the room can be a beautiful and large painting on the head of the bed. The room, totally white with small details in green, looks very relaxing and comfortable.


To create a bit of boldness in the environment, we can add some details in patterns to the bedding as we see in this design, which include two shades of green and match the decoration of the entire room.

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