10 Purple Kitchen Designs

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The kitchens in purple they reflect great personality and elegance. An equally risky, dynamic and sophisticated tone. Here we bring you different modern and traditional designs that include this color in their decoration. Generally, purple is often added to modern kitchen cabinets, many of them made of melamine, mdf, painted wood with lacquered or matte finishes. On the other hand, we have the option of painting the walls in purple that accompany cabinets in neutral tones, generally in white, cream, beige, gray or earth tones.


Whether they are purple or purple cabinets or walls, the colors that accompany this color to decorate the kitchen can be light tones that will show off a more delicate environment while dark tones help to enhance modernity and luxury.


Other tones that are used as a decorative accent in accessories, ceramics or an area of ​​the cabinets are yellow, turquoise, blue and pink.


Stainless steel blends very well in a modern purple kitchen, and includes in the area of ​​the countertops, electrical appliances, handles, for example.

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