10 Reasons to paint the walls (and other places) in black

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10 Reasons to paint the walls (and other places) in black

From the point of view of fashion, color black It is considered the most versatile color and easy to combine. Timeless, elegant and sophisticated, year after year we never tire of seeing how the black remains the undisputed king of the catwalks to the point of starring one of the most used expressions when talking about trends: "X is the new black" Interestingly, the same is not true when we speak in terms of interior decoration, where normally the use of color black for the wall it has been limited, as a rule, to decorate eminently masculine spaces.

Painting the walls black can seem like a wrong and macabre decision, but you do not need to be scared, with a little natural light and a selection of colorful accessories, the black It becomes one more decoration option with which you have never counted before and that will give you surprising results. Here we give you 10 reasons to do it:

1.- Because it will highlight all the objects that you place on a shelf with black color as a backdrop. Especially recommended option for the most orderly.


2.- Because you can use it to create an imaginary headboard by painting only that side of the wall and leaving the rest blank. It is so much the personality of the black, that it is enough a work of art, a small table and little more to create a shocking space.

Tamara Magel

3.- Because it gives character to the bathroom. If you have natural light in the bathroom do not be afraid to use it to give it elegance and sophistication, if on the contrary you do not have a window, as is common in most apartments and flats, choose to combine it with white tile in the lower third of the wall and leave the black for the rest. The environment will not look so overloaded.


4.- Because it helps you keep hidden the usual spots and marks of the passage area. You can try painting only the lower half of the wall in the entrance hall in black to give a lighter and more modern touch to the space.


5.- Because it provides dynamism applied to a wall of space playing in contrast to the rest. It is a nice, daring effect and it causes the attention to be diverted towards the objects located in it.


6. Because a black wall is the best base to show and highlight a gallery of photos and / or works of art that you have at home.

Chango & Co

7.- Because it points the way forward. A staircase painted in black does not go unnoticed by anyone and will awaken the curiosity of your guests who will be willing to know what is hidden behind them.

In trance

8. Because it helps you organize your life and not forget important things. For the more practical, use slate paint to create a wall that facilitates the daily tasks without stopping to join the black trend.


9. Because you can also create warm spaces by combining it with the appropriate materials. It replaces the white furniture so used by one in natural wood to create a totally different effect. Including fabrics such as carpets, cushions or curtains in all warm colors will provide an extra dose of warmth.

The Design Files

10.- Because you will get a dramatic and theatrical effect if you apply it on the ceiling. This option only works well in spaces with high ceilings to avoid a feeling of overwhelm. Add a few strokes of color and get a very special feeling like this space.

47 Park Avenue

We hope these photos are inspiring and encourage you to decide to paint the walls. Black is the new Black!

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