10 Regional Winners Announced for the 2020 VELUX International Architecture Student Award

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Decor : 10 Regional Winners Announced for the 2020 VELUX International Architecture Student Award

The international jury composed of Odile Decq, Studio Odile Decq (France), Nora Demeter, Demeter Design Studio (Hungary), Sebastian Adamo, Adamo-Faiden Architects (Argentina), Juri Troy, Juri Troy Architects (Austria) and Martin Pors Jepsen from VELUX A / S (Denmark) evaluated 579 projects on daylighting submitted by 250 universities from 60 countries. These projects were divided into two categories:Natural Light in Buildings and Research on Natural Light. The selection of the best 10 was made unanimously during the virtual jury meeting held from July 6 to 8, 2020.

The members of the jury had to review all the projects presented by each of the regions, individually, forming a general impression of the proposals. To do this, they analyzed the theme and their quality.

Unlike other editions, the jury has observed a strong commitment of the participants with the care of the environment, social, cultural and political. The students provided solutions through the use of natural light.

Martin Pors Jepsen, VELUX A / S representative on the jury, stated: “In some cases, students show the influence of the specific architectural heritage of their region, while addressing common and universal themes in the social and ecological dimension. This aspect gives our competition a truly global character ”.

The projects demonstrated a strong commitment from both students and teachers to natural light, this proposal coinciding with part of the same educational program carried out in the universities. The projects pointed out a multiplicity of directions and concerns regarding the influence of light and how it plays an important spatial role as a common denominator and as inspiration, regardless of place, country and region.

“It was very interesting to see how many projects managed natural light as an important part of architecture. Not only from a technical point of view, but how it influences our world ”, declared Jury Troy, member of the jury.

The winners represent a mosaic of different approaches to light, covering a range of concepts, technologies and applications, as well as the most fundamental aspects of architecture, space, place and memory.

The winners of the «Natural Light in Buildings» category are:

Africa: A Million Little Lights

Student: Michali jameson
College: Greenside Design Center, College of Design
Professor: Jean Wiid
Country: South Africa

America: Bright Roots

Student: Alexander Satt
College: Andres Bello University
Professor: Javier Del Rio placeholder image
Country: Chile

Asia and Oceania: Ink and Light

Students: Mingjie Guo, Jingwen Yang, Cong Liu and ZiyongMou
College: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
Professor: Rui Wu
Country: China

Eastern Europe and Middle East: SUNCITY

Students: Alperen Temur, Nasibe Nur Dündar, Nijat Mahamaliyev and Ezgi Üzümcü
College: Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
Professor: Mehmet Cem Altun
Country: Turkey

Western Europe: Solar Desalination Skylight

Student: Henry glogau
College: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Professor: David garcia
Country: Denmark

The winners of the category «Investigations on Natural Light» are:

Africa: Let There Be Light

Students: Emmanuel Ayo-lotoy John Ogungefun
College: ObafemiAwolowoUniversity
Professor: Babajide Onabanjo
Country: Nigeria

America: AQIP – Air Quality Index Pavilion

Students: Mina Onayy Richard Schutte
College: University of Toronto
Professor: Jason peter king
Country: Canada

Asia and Oceania: Light Therapy

Students: Qianqian Zhou, Gezi Li, Zhu Chen, Fengming Li, and Lurui Lyu
College: Beijing Jiatong University
Professor: Yinan zhou
Country: China

Eastern Europe and Middle East: The Theater of Light

Students: Julia Giżewska, Dominik Kowalski and Paweł Białas
College: Silesian University of Technology
Professor: Jerzy Wojewódka
Country: Poland

Western Europe: Words to Light – Lucioles [Fireflies]

Students: Xingyu Chen, Matteo, Giglio, GhilMeynard, NoëlieSeguet-Pey, Nicolas Salha, Raphaël Pletinckx, Hiba Nasser andGhilMeynard
College: UniversitéCatholique de Louvain
Professor: Jean-Luc Capron
Country: Belgium

Honorable mention, category ‘Natural Light in Buildings’

The jury awarded a special award in the Asia and Oceania region.

Honorable mention: Melody of the light weaving

Students: Yeonginn Moon, Hagyung Seo, Rayoun Hwang, and Sungjoo Han
College: Hongik University
Professor: Tony Woonghee Cho
Country: South Korea

The global winners in each category of the VELUX International Award for Architecture Students will be announced at the World Architecture Festival, which is scheduled to be held in person in the city of Lisbon between June 23 and 25, 2021.

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