10 Rooms In Pastel Colors

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These are some beautiful models of rooms decorated in pastel tones, a great alternative for small spaces and for those looking for a romantic and relaxing air through the various soft tones that make it up. It gives us a feeling of warmth and dreaminess coming from a captivating environment.


Choice of Pastel Colors:

For the choice of pastel colors that will harmonize your space, it will depend on the tones that suits your living room in relation to the furniture and the sofa set you have. Decorative items also play a role, but for those looking for a not-so-expensive makeover, it may be cheaper to replace them, such as curtains, carpet, fixtures, and lighting.

Pastel hues include pink, yellow, light blue, green, peach, or lilac.


Adding Contrasts:

Pastel tones can achieve a very good integration with various contrasting tones or even stronger ranges than those used in the room that will even help to highlight the pastel color. Details in black, chocolate brown or neon colors combine in a wonderful way, especially in the base of lamps, a picture frame, furniture, tapestries, ornaments, among others.


The wooden elements increase the feeling of warmth in the room, therefore, including the coffee table with this material with some fresh flowers or candles can help you balance the room, especially when using cold tones in light blue or pastel green.



To achieve a more welcoming environment that can be combined with the range of pastels, we see that some designs show various patterns on the wallpaper, curtains, rugs, lampshades and accent pillows.



Designers usually play with the different textures in the decorative elements that make up the room, in such a way that they accentuate the feminine approach and correctly unify the space. We see very dense rugs that immediately convey the feeling of comfort, along with a wooden coffee table, ceramic ornaments, flowers, among other innovative and harmonious ideas.


Pastel colors never go out of style and remain a decoration classic to which we can always give a personalized touch. And, in addition, always maintaining the subtle grace of the environment or providing a spectacular blow of color with some very well chosen contrast colors so that they combine a whole of elements that privilege proportion above all else.

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