10 simple tricks to sell your house faster

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10 simple tricks to sell your house faster

In these times, selling a house is a challenge for even the most renowned real estate company, so we want to show you a series of tricks that will help you achieve your goal even if you have a limited budget.

Before we start, we want to make clear that selling a house is selling a lifestyle that does not necessarily have to coincide with ours, therefore, the goal is to make the house look cozy, fresh, functional and quiet, and all without a specific style that makes it interesting for people of varied taste. In short, make the prospective buyer feel that he can make it his own.

1. Take care of the details from the beginning. While looking for the keys and the bolt to open the entrance door, potential buyers carefully observe all the details of the door and surroundings. A cracked door, peeling or missing a coat of paint is not the best presentation card. Cleaning, painting and updating small accessories such as handles, entrance lights, as well as pruning plants, removing weeds and fertilizing are a good way to get off to a good start from the beginning.

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2. Clean and paint. It seems obvious, but it never hurts to remember these two basic tasks if we want our house to give the best images to potential buyers. Bright floors, shiny windows and dust-free surfaces, as well as a good coat of paint in a palette of neutral and fashionable colors, will work miracles in any house and leave it ready to sell.


3. Redistribute and order. Another basic common sense, order, get rid of small accessories and leave few but larger will make the house look cleaner and tidier.
On the other hand, consider a redistribution of furniture, remember that a symmetrical distribution inspires tranquility. If your budget allows you to change furniture, opt for simple furniture and clean lines. In any case, do not overload the rooms as the potential buyer what you want to see are the possibilities of space, and an excess of furniture in volume and quantity will not help.


4. Choose a nice smell for the house. Buyers associate the smell of humidity to a house in poor condition, so it is convenient to eliminate any odor that may distract your senses: clean trash and litter, bathe pets, empty ashtrays and chimneys, ultimately eliminate any source of unpleasant odor and intense that can distract the buyer from the objective.

On the other hand, you have to choose a pleasant aroma and use it throughout the house to not overload the environment: scented candles, air fresheners, bread or freshly baked cookies, anything goes to give the house a pleasant smell and invite you to visit it.

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5. Open the cabinets. The evaluation of the storage space is a key point in the decision making of the future buyer, so it never hurts to show your cupboards in all their splendor and with the well ordered things, each in its place, but always leaving 20-30% of the empty available space. This last point is important because if potential buyers see that they are full, they will think that there is not enough space.

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6. Create home heat. There is nothing like transmitting warm and cozy feelings in the home. If you have a fireplace and it's winter, turn it on during the visit, if it's summer, put some candles in and light them too. This small detail will make you add points to potential buyers who will feel almost at home.


7. About the bathroom. Reforming a bathroom or kitchen is the most expensive in a house, but you can always give them a new air by changing some elements such as faucets, showers, accessories, ... It is important in any case, choose neutral and classic finishes as they are the that more can be adapted to all tastes and styles.

On the other hand it is important to remove from the countertop all the things of daily use such as soaps, toothpaste, brushes, ... A new bathroom curtains, a carpet in contrasting colors and fluffy towels will make the bathroom look clean and updated.

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8. About the kitchen. Sort the cabinets as potential buyers will look inside, and if they see clutter or that they are up, they will think there is not enough space. If necessary, consider the excess of things during the visits in a hidden box or closet.

On the other hand, empty the countertop of all the small appliances of daily use, the only one that can be left in view is the coffee machine. A nice fruit bowl with fruit and / or a vase with freshly cut flowers will give the final touch. Remember, you want to sell a lifestyle and not a reality.

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9. Depersonalize That you have an exquisite taste in decoration and a very personal style that you want to teach? Forget about it, it's about selling your house. For this you have to be completely objective, the less personal it is, the more likely it suits the taste of a greater number of buyers. Change the chip and stop thinking of that house as your home to consider it a property that is about to be sold.


10. And finally, look at the ground. Well-preserved wooden floors always attract attention and also work well for both traditional and contemporary styles. If your house has this type of floor, removes carpets and minimizes the surface of carpets in the house, using it strategically if necessary to cover areas in not so good condition.

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If you still do not have all of them with you to sell your house, you can always turn to professionals from the Home Staging who will help you to put your house on point so that it can be sold quickly and even at a higher price than you expected.

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