10 Wonderful Moroccan Style Rooms

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Next we bring you the fascinating and captivating moroccan style in these room models. A very rich style that shows us personality with its striking details and sharp colors that are very daring and harmonious at the same time.


The Moroccan rooms bring in the decoration a mixture of materials represented in the various furniture and elements that compose it such as wrought iron, carved wood, leather, cotton, wool, glass or plaster, turning them into unique pieces achieving an attractive and harmonic fusion.


We see some walls decorated with large looms or huge cushions that are scattered on the floor as additional seats in bright and bright colors that will give just the right touch of contrast with the dark wood furniture. The Moroccan decor is luxurious, colorful and modern with an exotic flair.


Let’s not forget the importance of the color of the paint that we choose for the living room, the main basis of this style is to give it an ethnic character. White, bright blues and greens are mixed with red orange and light brown tones, also silver tones and golden yellow, which are inspired by the dramatic colors of Mediterranean seascapes and the enchanting northern desert landscapes. from Africa.


The lighting detail includes pendant lights and lamps to create a very personal and unique modern design enhancing the styles.


The Moroccan style is limited to geometric shapes and impressive decoration patterns such as arabesque designs and floral motifs in areas such as the floor, ceiling and walls, in the lighting elements in your furniture and in your decoration accessories.


Here are some great Moroccan-style room designs:

Moroccan-style-room-design-8 Moroccan-style-room-design-5 Moroccan-style-room-design-3 Moroccan-style-room-design-1

Let’s not neglect any detail so that the decoration fully reflects the style we are looking for, the suggestions serve as a guide so as not to fail in the attempt to change that we want to give to our room, each element gives shape to our project and the results will leave us satisfied with having successfully given life and style to this very important piece of our house or apartment.

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