11 ways to take advantage of the stairwell

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11 ways to take advantage of the stairwell

Normally not usually pay much attention to the existing gap under the stairs, but the reality is that it is a very versatile corner and that with a little imagination and good planning we can turn it into a very valuable space if we know how to adapt it to our needs. From an improvised office, through a toilet or a practical storage area, it is time to devote to this area the attention it deserves. Whether you are designing your new home or rethinking your current design, we offer you some ideas that can inspire you:

1. Multimedia Zone. You can place your multimedia area under the stairs with a piece of furniture that allows you to hide all the cables behind it. In this way you will take advantage of the space available to the maximum saving on the TV cabinet. If you also have a pet, you can dedicate the lowest and least accessible part to people to create a rest area like this space. Cool!

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2. Reading / relax corner. The stairwell is a place sufficiently collected to create an intimate and personal space. With a bespoke bench or bed and a few cushions you will get to set it up, creating a quiet and comfortable space, where you can spend a very special night or lose yourself reading your favorite novel.


3. Ladder-Library. Fans of reading can not ignore this option that allows them to have their most precious treasures at hand and in sight. A staircase that is reinvented with a double use taking advantage of each of the steps to give space to shelves with capacity for many, many books. A multifunctional solution that will further highlight the architecture of the staircase even more!

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4. Staircase-Shelving. If yours are not books but you also have other treasures to show as photos, memories, works of art or some other collection, we propose this solution with shelf panels at two levels deep. In this way, in the bottom you can place those less showy things, leaving the outer layer for the most apparent. Only suitable for deep stairwells Simply bright!


5. Gallery. For narrower stairwells you can opt for a gallery, either art or mirrors. In both cases we recommend that you bet on the heterogeneity with frames / mirrors of different size and shape, different types of frame, as well as the disposition of these for a personal result and with character.



6. In the kitchen. Do not underestimate the space left under the staircase if it is in the kitchen. A good design and proper planning of how and where to place each element will help you to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies without losing usability.

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7. Workspace. If you thought you did not have enough meters to enable a home office, you were wrong. Place simple furniture in a palette of light colors and create a pleasant and functional space.



8. Closet. If your staircase leads to the corridor, a wardrobe where you can store street clothes such as coats, shoes and bags is always a safe bet as well as practice, since you will have everything at hand when going out for a walk. The options are multiple and range from putting simple doors, without dressing cabinets, to more sophisticated options with built-in drawer mechanism.



9. Storage space varied. Such is the amount of possibilities and storage options under the stairs, from a cellar to a woodshed, storage in drawers or baskets, that we could not resist to put our small selection. Think carefully about your needs and you will surely find the solution that fits perfectly.


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10. Toy house. A very appropriate option for those who do not need more storage space but a space of relief for children. With a toy house in the stairwell, not only will they have a place tailored to their size, but you will also have them controlled inside the house. You and them, everyone happy!

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11. Lastly. If you do not consider going through a work or doing something to measure, you can choose to put shelves or a dresser under the stairs to give an orderly and impeccable appearance. Here your style and taste for decoration will be the protagonists.


As you see, there are multiple options to take advantage of this ignored space (until now). If you have not found what you were looking for, try looking at our Pinterest board with a lot more ideas. Surely you find the one that best suits your needs!

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