12 Designs Of Modern Double Beds

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As we all know, the double bed is the center of the room and the quintessential focal point in the bedroom. For those who are looking for a simple design that transmits peace and relaxation to the room, a modern bed can be the alternative.


Modern beds are simple and understated, essentially linear in shape and very close to the minimalist style: functional and practical. Where in addition, many designers incorporate innovative ideas that will bring unique charm to your rest space.


Various decorative elements can accompany your modern double bed, marking a unique style for this area. False ceilings are a great decorative addition that will bring a unique look to your space with various sets of focused lighting.


In the area of ​​the main wall, against the bed, it is usually of a different color from the others that are also scattered throughout the rest of the room in some decorative elements of the room that mark balance and harmony in the double bedroom. On the headboard you can place a work of art or leave the space free, it all depends on how much the headboard influences the space.


The lighting in the bed area is essential for those who usually use the computer or read a book for this reason, the wall lamps on both sides of the bed are ideal for very small spaces.


Modern beds are also designed for small spaces, therefore, you will find various components that will save space in terms of storage, drawers under the bed, interior space under the mattress or even headboards that have shelves to accommodate what is necessary.


A rug in the bed area especially in neutral tones or in the chosen accent tone with geometric patterns can also be a good addition to decorate the area where the bed is located.

Here are more bed designs for modern bedrooms:
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These were some ideas of modern double bed designs with some ideas to decorate around it that can serve as inspiration!

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