12 ideas to recycle old furniture and give them a second chance

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12 ideas to recycle old furniture and give them a second chance

There are times when the bad state of a piece of furniture leads us to the need to change it for a new one. The one we remove, usually ends up in the trash or in some corner of our home taking dust without stopping. What many do not know, is that we can recycle old furniture to create with them decorative elements for our houses. In this way, we give them a second chance, while saving a good amount of money. With these 12 ideas you will get results from the level of a professional interior designer. If you like this we tell you, keep reading because we bring you some ideas to recycle old furniture that you have at home.

Chest of drawers turned into an island for cooking

The bedroom is usually one of the rooms whose furniture is changed more often. There are some of those furniture, which can be used for other parts of the house. One of the examples that have surprised us the most to recycle old furniture has been the possibility of take a dresser to transform it into an island for our kitchen. In it we can cut the food we use in our dishes. If we also put wheels, we can move whenever we want.

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Drawers as if they were shelves

Following the ideas to recycle old furniture, the drawers of the cabinets can be used as unexpected shelves. All we have to do is hang them on the walls and place anything we need inside, for example, our favorite books.

Sewing Organizer

This other idea is ideal for those who love sewing. If you want to have everything well organized, there is nothing better than use one of the sides of the cradle as an organizer. You will only have to place some nails that act as a support for our utensils.

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Recycle old furniture to create a design table

Recycling old doors also often play a lot. These doors can be used to create a design table. All we have to do is sand and give it a little varnish so that it recovers all its shine. Then place a glass on it and you will have a surprising table ready.

Headboard from a bookcase

The shelves can also give us a lot of play when it comes to recycling old furniture. We can furnish these furniture use as headboards for our children's bed. In this way, we can win in storage.

Side table as our pet's bed

There are people who think more about their pets than themselves. We already show you the case of the person who reformed his house to adapt it to the needs of his cats. Now we present something similar but on a smaller scale. The idea is to use a old side table as a bed for our pets. In addition to being able to leave things on top of it, it can be used by our animals as a resting place.

Simple bar cabinet

An old desk that we have at home, may be what we are looking for in order to design a simple but effective bar cabinet. All we have to do is adapt each of its gaps, so that we can place inside bottles, glasses and other elements that we need to prepare tasty cocktails.

Cradle transformed into a desk

Babies grow very fast and cribs soon cease to be used. The simplest thing is that they end up stored in some corner of the house. That is the simplest option, but we can also get more out of it by turning them into practical desktops. All we need is to place a wood or glass on top, which will serve as a place to work.

New bed from some benches

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money if we want to change the bed of our children. We can use old benches to which to place some mattresses on top to create a comfortable bed where you can rest.

Simple but effective hangers

One of the ideas that most caught my attention when it came to recycle old furniture. It's about using the front of the drawers as hangers where we can place our clothes.

Original photo frame

Do you have photos of great memories but do not know where to place them? Look how easy it is to use an old door as a photo frame. Can divide it in such a way that in each of its holes place one of those snapshots that have marked you so much.

Patio Fridge

recycle old furniture 12

The last of the ideas is to create an original patio fridge from an old plastic container.

Which of these ideas has most caught your attention? Encourage and share with us all your comments. We are waiting for you!

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