15 Bedrooms Decorated With Chocolate Brown

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Turn your bedroom into a space surrounded by warmth and comfort using the chocolate color in its decoration. This tonality derived from brown is also elegant, it transmits strength and security. Here we show you 15 different options to include chocolate brown in your room, it combines with almost all colors and styles. Check out these magnificent designs.

1. White and Chocolate Brown

white and chocolate bedroom

In this bedroom a large bed with two wooden posts dominates the environment, accompanied by a beautiful white bedding set with embroidered details that form squares. The chocolate walls in glossy finish they create a slight reflection of the light from the chandelier-style pendant and table lamps. The circular patterned rug unifies and softens the decor.

2. Chocolate Walls

bedroom with chocolate colored walls

A room where the chocolate color predominates in decoration. As we can see, this color has not been an obstacle for the space look lit by the large window, mirror, metal lamps and headboard in glossy finish. The reddish wood bedside tables and flowers add a touch of vitality to the room.

3. Gold and Chocolate Brown

chocolate and gold bedroom

You can incorporate the color gold and chocolate for a luxurious decoration. The bedroom has an imposing multi-layered focal point. The first padded and upholstered in high gloss; the second with a golden background, undulating plants and; the third, the headboard also padded and upholstered in both colors. The space is enhanced with a beautiful animal print duvet. On both sides, two bedside tables with classic-style details embellish the atmosphere.

4. Rustic Wall

chocolate colored bedroom

To create a rustic and modern effect to this room, the center wall is clad in polished wood planks, this focal point is reinforced with a painting related to the branches of the trees. The walls and curtain of simple design is chocolate. The gray upholstered bed has an almond-colored bedding set.

5. Imposing Headboard

This bedroom decor includes other ranges of brown like beige and cinnamon. A warm and relaxing monochrome space at the same time. The imposing chocolate upholstered headboard adapts to the bedroom frame, and spotlights reinforce this area, creating an imposing focal point.

6. Orange, White and Chocolate

chocolate colored bedroom

The chocolate-colored walls in a matte finish are the perfect backdrop to highlight the furniture and cushions with orange details that add a touch of joy and optimism to the room.

7. Textiles with Patterns

chocolate colored bedroom

To create a soft comfortable effect to this room decorated in light tones, are added textiles with chocolate colored prints.

8. Chocolate Brown Bedding Set

chocolate colored bedroom

A simple and elegant couple’s bedroom. Decorated in white and two shades of brown, chocolate for the bed area and coffee for the seats at the end of the bed upholstered in leather, curtains and mirror frame.

9. Accessories in Yellow

chocolate colored bedroom

Yellow accessories awaken our senses and create a more welcoming room. The gray color is integrated into the bedroom in some furniture and also textiles in similar patterns on the headboard and curtains.

10. Elegant Room

chocolate colored bedroom

Another option to create an elegant bedroom in chocolate color is to include fabrics in glossy finish for the bedding set, such as cushions and blankets in ocher and brick color in very small patterns as we see here.

11. Accents in Blue

chocolate colored bedroom

A couple’s room decorated with different shades of brown, and a touch of blue-gray and light blue as an accent.

12. Chocolate and Blue

chocolate colored bedroom

Bedroom decorated in blue and chocolate. They combine different textures, with various types of tapestries and fabrics such as curtains and duvet in heavy material, carpeted floor, striped rug, metallic details in some ornaments and lamps, as well as pendant lamp with glass shade and black leather seat. An integration of materials make it a cozy and peaceful bedroom.

13. Details of Green Apple

Hints of apple green add freshness to this bedroom. Visual interest is added to the bed area with assorted accent pillows that are soft patterns and also help to highlight the rustic-finished wood frame.

14. Bedroom in Elegant White and Chocolate

chocolate colored bedroom

Romantic and elegant bedroom with chocolate colored walls. There is also a large tufted headboard and bed skirt that create a slight contrast with the color of the walls. The mirrors behind the table lamps create an incredible effect in the room.

15. Hindu Bedroom

chocolate colored bedroom

Here we see another great specimen that includes the chocolate color. A bedroom hindu style with carved headboard and a beautiful curtain that hangs from two canopies in the ceiling area. Hanging lamps aadd visual interest to this cozy space.

As we have seen, the chocolate color can help you get a space verycozy, elegant and comfortable. It is another great alternative option that you can consider for your bedroom. It is versatile and according to the meaning of the colors it transmits strength, security, stability and tranquility to your space. But, it can also give the feeling of boredom, loneliness and sadness when the environment dominates.

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