15 Bedrooms Decorated With Soft Pastel Colors

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A bedroom decorated in pastel colors it can convey peace and serenity. They can even make your room look bigger than it is. Discover these these great bedroom designs decorated with pastel colors that we show you below.

bedroom in pastel colors

Pastel colors provide a smooth finish in the decoration, especially when we include them on the walls. Instead of using the classic neutral tones on the walls, you can add a small dose of color to your bedroom by adding some pastel tones.

bedroom in pastel colors

Colors mixed with white are called pastel colors. These colors are light and transmit freshness and serenity to your environment. The most used are pink, yellow, blue, lavender and light blue. They are so flexible that they combine with all colors, including more intense tones.

bedroom in pastel colors

A bedroom decorated in pastel colors is ideal for any type of room, if you are looking for a soft and light finish, these colors can also provide an effect romantic and cozy.

They can also help your room look bigger than it is. Especially when your bedroom is small, when we paint the walls in a pastel hue, they create this effect, perceiving a more spacious and luminous space.

1. Bedroom with Various Pastel Tones

bedroom with various pastel shades

We can combine different shades of pastel colors in the bedroom without overloading it. They achieve a subtle finish and create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. In this room, light blue, lavender, yellow and pastel pink are combined for the different objects and walls of the room. Vintage details such as the painted metal bed, the clock and the decorative painting are added.

2. Bedroom Decoration with Two Pastel Tones

bedroom decor with two pastel shades

In this room, lavender and pastel pink are mainly integrated. It highlights the unexpected wall design of the room, creating a youthful approach to the space. The bed upholstered in coffee color and some details in beige and raw wood help to perceive an elegant space.

3. Bedroom with Pastel Green Accents

bedroom with pastel green accents

Pastel green objects help create a cooler and more relaxing space. It is used as accent tone for the bedding set and the lampshade. The rest of the room is decorated in white and gray in different shades. I know add various patterns such as rhombuses, triangles and stripes on the bed, lamp base and carpet that add visual interest and warmth to the space.

4. Teen Bedroom in Pastel Pink

teen bedroom in pastel pink

Here we see a charming room that includes pastel pink as a decorative accent. It is surrounded by varied textures that help balance the contrast of the black and white tones that predominate in the bedroom. In this way we do not see a rigid or lifeless space. It is added carved and white wood paneling with moldings, black painted wrought iron bed, a hanging chandelier and a nice glass mirror. Similarly, the pattern combination create a casual and cozy space. And finally, the bed skirts, heart-shaped details and pastel pink add a romantic effect to the space.

5. Stunning Bedroom Decorated in Pastel Pink

bedroom decorated in pastel pink

The bed area wall becomes the focal point of this bedroom. It includes various combinations of textures and colors, creating a dynamic and impressive effect. Wood cladding, gray microcement, pastel pink divided into triangular shapes are fused. As a complement, two decorative pictures are added on the center of the bed.

6. Lavender and Pastel Pink Bedroom

bedroom lavender and pastel pink

For this bedroom, we see that gray is the perfect backdrop to highlight the different objects in pastel pink and lavender that decorate the bed area. They mix different materials for textiles such as the large wall-to-wall carpet, the small furry rug and cushion, wool blanket and plain fabric cushions that help to perceive a more comfortable space. The high legs of the furniture help to perceive a clearer space and help the bedroom look bigger than it is.

7. Accents in Intense Tones

pastel colored bedroom

In this youth bedroom and with pastel pink walls, they combine more intense colors like fuchsia and intense yellow. Both add a dose of energy and brighten up the space without overwhelming it.

8. Soft Bedroom Decorated in Light Blue and Pink

soft bedroom decorated in light blue and pink

The small picture Above the bed seems to be the basis of the decoration of the entire bedroom. The flowers of different colors are expanded in the different accessories of the bedroom, but in softer tones like pastels. The walls and the light blue blanket and the accent pillows in pink and light salmon. The gold metallic details reflect the yellow flowers.

9. Elegant and Sophisticated Pastel Bedroom

elegant and sophisticated pastel bedroom

Furniture and accessories in shiny metallic finish They help to create a very elegant bedroom. The bedside tables and the central mirror are also a great contribution to achieve a duplicity effect by reflecting the light in the environment. The gray upholstered bedding and headboard help create a sophisticated atmosphere. Wallpaper is added with soft rhombus patterns in light blue and also in gray.

10. Pastel Light Blue Bedroom and Vintage Accessories

pastel light blue bedroom

This decoration includes a refreshing and relaxing light blue as the main color of the bedroom. Some elements are added in yellow as an accent color. We also see different vintage objects like the suitcases and the clock on the nightstand.

11. Various Shades of Purple

lilac and lavender bedroom

This elegant monochrome bedroom combines different shades of purple in decoration. The soft mauve, lilac and eggplant color is incorporated. The wall in the headboard area includes a large painting with beautiful flowers. Towards the sides we see two beautiful pendant lamps above the modern nightstands. In front of the bed, we also see modern floating furniture on two levels White color. One under the tv and another shelf suspended under a large mirror with built-in lighting with a large upholstered bench that doubles as a dressing table.

12. Bedroom with Shabby Chic Details

bedroom with shabby chic details

In this bedroom we see some shabby chic details in décor such as the distressed-looking bedside table, pastel colors, flowers, chandelier-style pendant lamp, and abundant textures.

13. Gray and Pastel Pink

gray and pastel pink bedroom

This is a bedroom where medium gray predominates on the walls. To give it a slight contrast, pastel pink is added to the bed area. In addition, copper-colored elements such as the bedside table and the pendant lamp are added.

14. Scandinavian Bedroom

A scandinavian style bedroom it also adopts pastel colors in the decoration. Here we see small doses of pastel pink in different decorative objects. Also, a very pale pink is added on the center wall. Accompanying this cozy and casual decoration are some cushions in ash tone and hanging accessories on the walls.

15. Children’s Bedroom Decorated in Various Pastel Colors

children's bedroom pastel colors

Charming child’s bedroom that adds different pastel tones combined with more intense tones. We see the colors and shapes of the bed quilt design spread throughout the room.

As we have seen in these beautiful decorated bedrooms, pastel tones can be a solution to create a feeling of spaciousness, freshness and vitality. They are not only ideal for girls’ rooms but also for young people and adults. Its a color versatile that combines with all colors, you can use it on the walls and as an accent in the decoration, in the same way we are sure that it will look incredible.

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