15 Cute Girly Living Room Designs

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This is a beautiful gallery of very feminine roomsThey are full of style for those who are looking to add those accessories with unique details that make a difference and that will help us turn our little refuge into a place that transmits an air of romance, comfort and elegance.


To decorate a feminine room, one of the simplest elements but with great impact are the flowers. You can capture them in your space in curtains, real flowers with a nice glass vase, decorative pillows or with wallpaper on the walls.



The elements curved they are another way to create a beautiful and romantic room. Through furniture with curved details, mirrors with protruding frames and carvings or ornaments.



Likewise, the play of textures identify our territory through glass and metal furniture materials, leafy rugs, cushions with various materials, sofa covers, shabby chic style painted wood furniture, for example.



To create a feminine room, we see colors that can help to achieve this, especially those soft tones such as pink, lilac, mauve can give you a boost to achieve a feminine room decoration. But also, there are other colors that, accompanied by other details, manage to integrate and generate the same effect.


Details in gold or silver tones They are also widely used as a decorative accent: cushions, chandeliers, frames, lamps, among others.


We also see bright colors in the feminine room such as orange, fuchsia, yellow, purple, ideal to create a more lively and cheerful effect.



The decorative patterns They are usually varied, some designs show two or three different types of patterns, some of them include: flowers, squares, stripes, paisley, bush leaves and undulating prints that convey character and femininity.



An element that should not be missing in the decoration of feminine rooms are lamps. A large ceiling pendant can make big changes.


Depending on the needs of each one, we can also add floor lamps next to a sofa.


To incorporate candles on a coffee table with a beautiful tray or on a glass candle holder it is a decorative detail widely used in feminine spaces and also helps to create a romantic atmosphere.

Here are more ideas to decorate your room:

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