15 modern kitchens with white cabinets

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As we all know, white is perfect for small spaces, mainly because it allows the environment to look brighter, cleaner and larger than it is. But, perhaps, many of us can observe our dull and lifeless modern kitchen, especially when we have a row or two with cabinets in this color. To change the appearance of our space, here we bring you some solutions and different designs that can help you and achieve a more welcoming and joyful environment.


One option is to remove and make a makeover on the salpidero area located between the high and low cabinets of our kitchen introducing a contrasting color with modern tiles or tiles to match the current kitchen decor. Also, today we find various materials for this area from laminates or stickers to more expensive coatings such as stone.


Include small doses in cheerful and warm colors such as orange, green or red, as decorative accents on pots, jars or other containers to store food or condiments, tablecloth, napkins or some fruit bowl.


So also the appliances or artifacts that are part of our kitchen. Today we see that different brands are committed to personalizing our space and offer various colors such as fuchsia, red, green, among others.


The ideal is not to collapse our countertop so as not to lose the modern scheme of the kitchen.


Combining textures in the kitchen furniture, for example, some glass cabinet doors, metal elements on hangers, can help to give it the modern touch we need.


We can also introduce online shelves to display some containers or decorations in materials and colors that match the kitchen, and not fill them completely, to continue with this decorative style.


The minimalist style influences the modern style, therefore, our kitchen with white cabinets must find minimal decorative elements that harmonize with the environment. One or two elements of very intense color such as red or green, for example, that break the monotony a bit.

Here we see more options to decorate the modern kitchen with white cabinets. The central idea is not to overload the space with color and also consider the color of the floors and countertops that we have to achieve a harmonious environment.

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modern-kitchen-white-cabinets-12 modern-kitchen-white-cabinets-14Image source: House to Home, Houzz, PInterest

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