15 Modern White Bathrooms

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The bathrooms in white They are very common in modern homes, as they represent cleanliness and brighten the space. A modern bathroom is characterized by its straight lines, smooth and simple surfaces in the furniture and also few visible accessories through an organized space.


A modern white bathroom can look arid or lifeless, there are several ways you can give a new image to the space through the use of various textures and accent colors changing the look and looking equally balanced and harmonious.


A simple way to achieve a change of look without spending a lot of money is through bathroom accessories in bright colors, choose one or two of your favorite tones and spread them in different areas. Towels, rugs, shower curtains, organizer baskets, and items over the sink are generally the most used places to add life to your white bathroom.


Another way to decorate your bathroom is on the walls with the installation of ceramics such as the listels throughout the bathroom, mosaics that provide a unique and lasting detail to the environment.


The illumination chosen for the bathroom can bring a great advantage, we see magnificent designs of ceiling and wall lights in strategic places that will give it a unique and functional style. As in this copy where a skylight is also added.


Some decorative and functional elements are containers such as soap dispensers, brush holders, towel racks and roll holders. Chrome to create an elegant look or colored to give a more cheerful accent to the space.


Fresh flowers, rolled towels, a modern framed mirror, decorative candles, glass containers with rose petals are some additional items you can consider to decorate your modern white bathroom. Always maintaining an adequate amount to preserve this decorative style.


The modern style white bathrooms, when they are small, must be decorated with an intelligent style, that is, taking advantage of all the spaces,


In addition, small and modern bathrooms must be practical, for this reason in decoration the open shower with a transparent translucent glass door is preferred to give privacy without having to eliminate the light so that the bathroom looks much larger.

We present an image gallery of modern white bathrooms that can be inspiring to decorate your own bathroom.

Design by: Antonio Lupi

decorate-bathroom-modern-white-11 decorate-bathroom-modern-white-10 decorate-bathroom-modern-white-8 decorate-bathroom-modern-white-1

Design by: Antonio Lupi
Design by: Marcin Pajak

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