16 Ideas To Decorate Your Small Visitor Bathroom

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Surprise your guests with these guest bathroom designs that we show you below. Despite the limited space available, decorating ideas are certainly limited, but with a dose of creativity, we see how designers come up with these great pieces.


Depending on the type and material of toilets and the color of the floor, we can make different changes in this space. As we know, the color of the paint on the walls is essential, as well as the accessories used for decoration, in such a way that a unified and harmonious environment appears.


For a formal and elegant bathroom, neutral tones are of great help, colors such as beige, earth, gray, white or relaxing tones such as green and light blue will help to see the space larger than it is.


For modern bathrooms, we see that mosaics are added to one of the bathroom walls where we can accentuate a nice focal point.


So we also see this beautiful neutral and modern small bathroom, which includes wall mosaics in soothing colors that match some of the accessories.


Some decorative accessories that you can include can be scented candles, incense, flower vases, baskets or towel racks, pictures, for example.

bathroom-visit-small-10Another idea is to include ceramics in one vertical half of the wall and paint in the other part, to provide a classic approach, a horizontal molding in the middle of both will look wonderful as this small relaxing bathroom in white and light blue.

bathroom-visit-small-9An ingenious idea is what we can see in the previous design, turning a tiny space into a practical bathroom for the guests.

bathroom-visit-small-7This small bathroom includes a bolder shade of blue on the walls, where we also see that metallic elements are adapted that reflect light and allow them to balance each other.


Painting a small bathroom orange can be a bit risky, but balancing white through different elements can make for a great design.

Here are more bathroom designs for guests or small visitors:

bathroom-visit-small-15 bathroom-visit-small-14 bathroom-visit-small-13 bathroom-visit-small-12 bathroom-visit-small-11

bathroom-visit-small-6 bathroom-visit-small-4

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