17 Charming Bathrooms Decorated In Pink

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A bathroom decorated in pink it can look fascinating. Pink is a lovely color that can convey sweetness, warmth, and romance. There are a variety of shades that you can consider to include in your bathroom and achieve a great visual impact or create a smooth finish. Here we show you 17 alternatives that include pink in different areas of the bathroom for your inspiration.

Perhaps for many this color can look old or out of fashion, but today this color returns to beautify your intimate space. Take a look at these great designs:

1. Modern and Current Bathroom in Pastel Pink

modern and contemporary bathroom in pastel pink

The pastel pink is introduced in this charming bathroom with industrial details for the area of ​​the walls. The front wall and the bathtub are lined with cement creating character and texture to the space. It is complemented by pastel pink and beige paint.

2. Small Bath in Champagne Pink

small bath in champagne pink

The champagne rose it’s a great shade to get a fancy bathroom. This color predominates in this small space and combines with the walls and floors in soft gray. Linear lighting under the upper cabinet above the toilet, metal fixtures, and black line accents help reinforce the elegance.

3. Long Narrow Bathroom

long narrow bathroom

The marble floors and walls help create a luxurious space. The soft shine they reflect contrasts with the rosewood walls in a matte finish and achieves a soft harmony. The vanity area stands out with a large rectangular mirror over an artichoke green floating cabinet and a small pink sink. Green is a complementary color to pink that can help create visual interest and charm as we see in this design.

4. Pink Sinks with Chrome Taps

pink sinks with chrome taps

In this bathroom, the pink circular sinks and the dazzling gold-colored metal faucets. The integration of different patterns and textures enrich this wonderful environment. We see wood, concrete, ceramics, glass, and metal. As well as glossy hexagonal-shaped wallcovering in the bathtub area and vanity area, soft rectangular patterns placed in a zigzag.

5. Simple and Modern Bathroom

simple modern bathroom

In this bathroom pink is added in the shower area, while the rest of the room is decorated in neutral tones: white for the walls, gray tiles for the floor and light wood for the floating furniture. Linear finishes create a look simple, elegant and modern to space.

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6. Vintage and Modern Bathroom

vintage and modern bathroom

This shade of pink can help give you joy and light up the bathroom. For this small environment this color is added to all the walls. Some are also added vintage objects like the white wooden cabinet and the bathtub. And, on the other hand, some current items such as faucets, fixtures and door handle in matt black, chrome bar in gold color and floor with hexagonal tiles.

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7. Fuchsia Accent Wall

fuchsia accent wall

To decorate a more youthful space, the most intense pink like fuchsia can be a great option. It is incorporated into the walls covered with tablets in an area of ​​the shower wall and to unify the decoration in the area of ​​the sink some bathroom utensils with this same color.

8. Bathroom with Pink Cabinet

Bathroom with Pink Cabinet

The modern bathroom cabinet in pastel pink it stands out in a subtle way in this small space where white predominates. The focal point is the sink area with textured wallcovering helping to create a more welcoming space. Various objects are added that add beauty such as green plants and similar containers that match and help the bathroom look organized.

9. Scandinavian details

bathroom with scandinavian details

This cute vintage baby pink cabinet becomes a highlight in this small bathroom. It is also decorated with a rustic staircase painted white with several planters with green leafy plants that add a bit of flair. freshness to space. White exposed brick walls, green plants, and black and red accents add an scandinavian air for this space.

10. White Bathroom with Pink Accents

white bathroom with pink accents

In this small and modern bathroom model it includes pink only in some areas of the wall as a decorative accent creating a perfect background for the shelves above the toilet and mirror. Pink is expanded in some accessories such as the bath mat, utensil and flowers.

11. Intense Pink accessories

hot pink accessories

The fuchsia decorative accessories they achieve great visual impact for this bathroom where gray predominates in the decoration. The glass and circular objects also make you perceive a feminine space.

12. Pink shelf

pink shelf

For this small bathroom, the wall area is used to include a pink shelf to organize and, at the same time, decorate the neutral space. The illumination It stands out by focusing on different areas such as the shower area and on the sink area. Contemporary details such as hexagonal wall cladding, faucets and shower frame in black are added.

13. Classic and Romantic Bathroom

classic and romantic bathroom

In this bathroom design with classic details lavender pink is integrated in the entire area of ​​the walls, providing a very cozy, elegant and peaceful space. Decorative objects in lavender color are also added and as a focal point we see a large classic bathtub with curved legs next to a large mirror with a carved frame that reinforces this area.

14. Pink Roof

pink ceiling with retro air

Instead of painting the walls or adding furniture in pink, you can add this color in the roof area to make it the center of attention in the bathroom. They bring warmth and personality to the space. In addition, a darker paint on the ceiling helps it look lower and the space much more welcoming as we see in this design.

15. Focal Point in Intense Pink

focal point in hot pink

Hot pink takes over the sink area with wall cladding and drawers in this color. As a decorative accent, vertical stripes are added with tablets of this same color creating a more dynamic and youthful space.

16. Children’s Bathroom

pink kid's bathroom

Here we see another beautiful decoration of kid’s bathroom with pink walls. Decorated with the Hello Kitty theme we see that this character is inserted in with stickers on the walls, the curtain and the bathroom accessories. Bubblegum pink is introduced in the furniture and raspberry color for the seat and some components of the shower.

17. Modern and Minimalist Bathroom

modern minimalist bathroom

A minimalist and modern bathroom. The thin stripes and taps on Matt black they delineate the walls and some objects in the environment, widely used in the last year, providing elegance, warmth and a certain industrial air to the atmosphere. A arch-shaped structure in the area of ​​the bathtub partially dividing the space and making it stand out next to the soft wall with pastel pink cladding.

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