18 Bedroom Decorated Kids Jungle Animals

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Today we bring you different designs to decorate the children’s bedroom and animals as the main theme. Creating an environment surrounded by nature with abundant vegetation accompanied by more representative animals will bring to your room not only a good specimen but will also allow your little one to imagine, play and learn.



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The most used colors in the jungle theme are green, yellow, blue and light brown. They can be represented with trees, bushes, the sky, the earth, or tree branches. A good mural or vinyl on a wall as a focal point and playful element for the little ones.

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In this baby room, we see in one area various pictures of animals grouped in different sizes without frames but with colors that combine with each other while maintaining balance and softness.


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Personalized furniture allows you to create a unique and fun environment for them. A suspension bridge with two structures that resemble wooden tree houses at both ends, complemented by the mural and green plants around it. You can include stuffed animals that represent the jungle such as leopards, monkeys, or crocodiles.

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Another idea for furniture is that you can include a bed in the shape of a truck painted the color of a favorite animal, like this one that has the zebra design.

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In addition to the green and blue background of this room, the bed furniture resembles tree branches.

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In this bedroom we see that all the furniture in the baby’s room includes a savanna animal. For those looking only for a decorative accent where harmony and balance are maintained, decorated in green, light blue and orange.

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Other interesting alternatives for furniture can include tall tree beds, a boat-type bed surrounded by animals that can be represented, as we have already seen in murals, vinyl, wallpaper or pictures for the walls.


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Decorative accessories such as lamps, rugs, duvets, curtains, in the shape of artificial animals or plants, for example. Stuffed animals or toys can also be integrated into the decoration.

decorate-bedroom-animals-children-5 decorate-bedroom-animals-children-4 decorate-bedroom-animals-children-3 decorate-bedroom-animals-children-2These were some ideas for decorating a jungle or savanna animal themed room. An alternative that you can consider to decorate your space.

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