18 Bedrooms Decorated With Zebra Prints

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dormitorio pareja cebra

One of the alternatives to decorate the room so that it looks elegant, comfortable and attractive is through the incorporation of zebra prints on some textiles or tapestries in the room. Ideal for those who feel that it is necessary to introduce an area of ​​visual interest, which stands out from the rest of the components and merges with the rest of the bedroom decoration in a subtle and charming way.

The zebra print is ideal for matrimonial, youth and even children’s bedrooms. We see a marked trend to use it especially in rugs, bedding sets and decorative cushions. But also, we can introduce it as a headboard, benches or chairs and even in mirror frames.

You have to consider in what area or object It is going to introduce itself and avoid overwhelming the whole environment as it is very bold. It is best to accompany a decoration scheme in solid tones. That is, if you want to wallpaper the walls, choose only one of them and the rest in a solid color such as white, beige or gray for example.

A decor in natural colors is ideal for matrimonial rooms, while bold combinations between black and pink or black and fuchsia are bolder and perfect for youth rooms.

Here we show you different designs that can help you create and integrate zebra patterns in the room.

Youth and Feminine Bedrooms with Zebra Prints:
zebra kids bedroom zebra kids bedroom zebra youth bedroom juvenile zebra dormitori zebra youth bedroom

female zebra bedroom

zebra youth bedroom

Couple’s Bedrooms Decorated with Zebra Prints:

zebra double bedroom

zebra couple bedroom zebra couple bedroom zebra couple bedroom zebra couple bedroom zebra couple bedroom zebra decorated bedroom

Children’s Bedrooms with Zebra Prints:

zebra children's bedroom

zebra kids bedroom

zebra decorated bedroom

zebra kids bedroom

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