20 Bedrooms Decorated With Gray

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The gray color is perfect to decorate your room. It is a great neutral alternative that adapts to any decorative style and combines with everything. Gray room walls can be a backdrop to introduce other accent colors. Whether it is a dark or light shade, your bedroom will achieve a magnificent finish.

Meaning of the Color Gray

This color is a conservative and controlled neutral. It does not attract attention and adapts easily when combined with other colors. It can create a contemporary and elegant effect, depending on the hue that is applied. On the other hand, gray can become dull, drab and somewhat depressing, especially if used as main color in the room and they exist few colorful elements that add life to the space. A lot of gray can turn your environment into a boring space. But, if you include other elements in blue, purple or pink for example, the result can be totally different.

Some Tonalities:

gray decorated bedrooms

These are some shades of gray. Additionally, we see different objects in gray that go unnoticed, for example: metallic elements such as wrought iron, stainless steel that may be present in the finishes of decorative accessories, in the parts of the house such as pipes, handles, etc. And, in some electrical appliances. These elements can be used to decorate the bedroom such as beautiful wrought iron lamps creating a rustic effect or perhaps exposed pipes to insert an industrial accent.

Here we show you 20 gray bedroom designs:

1. Gray, White and Black Bedroom


Gray is a perfect shade to balance environments decorated in black and white. In this way, we achieve a smooth contrast between both tones. As we see in this double room, where they also include a variety of patterns and shapes in the different objects that compose it to create visual interest, elegance and harmony.

2. Female Bedroom with Gray Walls


The effect of gray combined with strong colors helps create visual balance as we see here. In this bedroom we can see the gray on the main wall and on the carpeted floor. In addition, silver accents in glossy finish are introduced on the nightstands. It includes fuchsia as a second color, ideal for decorating a feminine and youthful room. The focal point is the area where the upholstered headboard with circular patterns and curved lines is located, which matches the two side pendant lamps that focus the side tables.

3. Elegant Room Decorated with Gray


In this room various shades of gray and other neutrals such as light beige, white and small details are used where black is applied. With this combination of colors and various textures you can achieve a cozy and elegant room. This decoration is a demonstration that all the components of the bedroom are well planned. From the curtains to the various metallic finishes they are unified achieving a great result.

4. Dark Gray Double Bedroom


In the design the walls are painted in dark gray with a glossy or enamel finish that helps to reflect natural light. Decorative accents in yellow are added to add warmth, boldness and playfulness to the surroundings.

5. Gray and Lime Green Bedroom


A great youth room where Tennis has been taken as the central theme. The focal point includes a dark gray wall as a base to highlight the shelves displaying different awards. This area is enhanced with rectangular lime green details that personalize and add vitality to the environment. Thus round objects such as cushions, the lamp and tennis balls are also added to unify the decoration. In addition, this copy helps us to visualize that the wood of the furniture and the floor integrate very well with the gray color.

6. Bedroom with Elegant Bed

elegant-gray-bedroomA bedroom with some classic details. The shiny metallic bed frame is the center of attention of the space. The walls are clad in gray wallpaper with soft patterns in abstract shapes. Objects in light blue and sand are integrated into the decoration that help to create a peaceful space.

7. Gray and Yellow

bedroom-yellow-grayWe see that yellow and dark gray is another combination that can be incorporated for any member of the family, since the touch of joy that yellow provides is balanced very well with this neutral.

8. Room Decorated with Gray and Red

bedroom-gray-redYou could not miss a room with touches of red in the bedroom decoration, a very energetic color that accompanied with white will help to achieve a beautiful specimen.

9. Couple’s Bedroom


A modern double room decorated with gray walls. Decorative paintings provide a youthful effect to the space.

10. Gray Bed

bedroom-color-gray-2Here we see another option to incorporate gray in the bedroom. It is only included in the bed area, while in the rest of the space beige, black, white and various flowers are added to match the beautiful pendant lamp.

11. Modern Youth Bedroom

gray-youth-bedroomA youth room design with a modular furniture set with floral details. You can add a purple bedding set for a subtle effect of warmth and elegance.

12. Rustic Industrial Bedroom

industrial rustic gray roomA rustic industrial bedroom is another option where gray can be included in the decoration. This scheme brings warmth and the space feels more welcoming due to the dose of wood and the various textures included. We see wooden planks as a coating of the center wall and floor. The ceiling in concrete finish, the design of the lamps, among others, are part of the industrial scheme. Gray is fused in this mix of styles achieving a showroom.

13. Elegant Bedroom with Gray Walls and Ceiling

gray and blue room

A stylish bedroom décor with sand-gray gray walls that helps emphasize wall art and spot lighting. Black furniture, elements of blue and red color as decorative accents.

14. Scandinavian Style Room

gray decorated bedroomsScandinavian style too use the color gray to decorate different environments. Vitality is added to the monochromatic bedroom with green plants distributed in different areas of the bedroom.

15. Gray, Blue and Yellow

gray youth bedroomA youth room in gray, blue and yellow. Some light neutral hues are inserted to balance the decor. A large cream headboard makes a slight contrast to the slate gray wall. To reinforce this focal point, a box with a yellow background is included and two metal pendant lamps on each side.

16. Children’s Bedroom with Gray Walls

bedroom-gray-orangeThe merger between gray and beige It has become a common option to decorate any environment. The walls in different shades of gray and the beige carpeted floor provide the basis to include decorative elements in cheerful colors. In this image, orange, yellow, green and light blue are dispersed in different areas of the bedroom. A smaller colorful rug is added for a fun atmosphere.

17. Fuchsia Color Accents

bedroom-gray-fuchsiaThe wall in the headboard area becomes the Focal point of this room. Only this area has been painted dark gray to create visual interest in the beautiful artwork. Fuchsia is also added as a decorative accent to personalize this cozy atmosphere.

18. Youth Bedroom in Gray and Blue

bedroom-color-gray-and-blueBedroom Gray and blue where different objects related to sport are exhibited. Both colors are scattered on the walls and the bedding set. A small corner decorated with prizes and the theme that you are passionate about contributes to feeling comfortable, comfortable and motivated.

19. Soft Pink Details

gray and pink female roomThe light gray walls they are the backdrop to this soft and feminine room. Pale pink objects are added in the area of ​​the bed.

20. Beautiful Children’s Bedroom

gray children's room

Finally, in this design of Children’s room different patterns and colors are added in different areas to achieve a cheerful space for the little one in the house.

We have seen different designs of gray rooms that can help you define a charming atmosphere. This neutral color has become a very popular option today, replacing the classic neutral tones of the walls. It easily adapts to any color and decorative style such as industrial, Scandinavian and modern. Finally, it helps to lower the intensity of other colors by softening the decoration of the bedroom. We hope they have helped you.

Photos source: Pinterest, Hgtv

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