20 Kitchen Backsplash Designs

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The kitchen backsplash It is one of the most vulnerable areas because it is always exposed to possible stains that can detach from the cooking area or the laundry room. As we know, the backsplashes are specially designed for a more practical, effortless cleaning and are also essential if we seek to define the decoration of the heart of our home.


There are different materials for dashboards, the most used are those made of ceramic, stainless steel, laminate and glass. The high popularity of is that they are heat resistant, easy to clean, cost and durability.


They are the perfect complement to make our kitchen look great, here we show you some examples that can help you inspire and change the decoration with a little color through different patterns or simple ceramic blocks in a single tone that also look magnificent.


Other alternatives Of kitchen backsplashes, well known for their high cost and durability, are those made of stone such as marble or granite.


Likewise, we see that a materials mix such as steel with ceramics.


Some modern kitchen backsplashes also include an effect of high texture 3d effect that also allow giving the kitchen elegance and warmth.


We see dashboards less common such as those made of cork, mirrors, tin, chalkboard paint and many other options that you can consider to decorate our kitchen and make it look like we dream it.


For those who want to give it a finish elegant and functional, we see today it is very common to include lighting under the upper cabinets focusing on the area of ​​the dashboard and the countertop.

Here are some other kitchen backsplash designs.

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