21 tricks to organize your home in less than 10 minutes

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Decor : 21 tricks to organize your home in less than 10 minutes

You may never have a good home because you think you don’t have enough time to have everything right. The reality is very different, the truth is that if you have 10 minutes or even less you can organize your home and that you can also have a much more cozy and clean of what you can have now to lead a really busy life.

10 minutes

Just 10 minutes is more than enough to have a well-organized home. You can spend 10 minutes in different parts of your home at different times, and in this way and almost without realizing it you will have a much more organized home. Where can you get 10 minute moments? For example:

Divide large projects into 10-minute segments to organize different rooms, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or clothes closet. If you do not know where to start, read on for some tricks that will come in handy to know.

Tricks to organize your home

If you don’t know where to start, follow these tricks:

  1. Check your furniture and choose a drawer, take everything out of that drawer and reorder. Throw away what doesn’t work for you.
  2. Choose a collection you have and recycle or throw away what you no longer use.
  3. Vacuum the car.
  4. Dust, tidy and clean the bedside tables, tidying up everything inside.
  5. Sort the folders on your computer.
  6. Sort the folders on your phone.
  7. Clean the dust of the rooms of your home, choose one at a time.
  8. Sweep the floor of each of the rooms in your home, choose one at a time.
  9. Organize your closet drawers.
  10. Take out of your fridge all the products that are not in good condition.
  11. Pull out of your pantry all products that are not in good condition.
  12. Check and clean your social networks.
  13. Walk around your house and collect everything on the floor and keep everything in its place.
  14. Take the dirty clothes to wash and put a washing machine if you already have enough clothes.
  15. Label the food in your freezer.
  16. Order the drawers of the desk and the table of the same piece of furniture.
  17. Clean your makeup brushes.
  18. Donate the books you no longer read or think you will read ever again, it is possible that every person can take advantage of it.
  19. Find a new place to keep clutter and keep things well packed.
  20. Store blankets and cushions in one place.
  21. Find all the bags in your house, fold them and store them in one place.

These are just some examples that you can consider to start fixing your home in less than 10 minutes. Each of these activities last less than 10 minutes and you can do them every time you find a few free minutes in your day where you want to act in a practical way and taking advantage of the time. From now on you can have your home much better organized! You have no excuses! You will have your house well organized all the time!

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