23 Ideas To Decorate Male Rooms

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Some time ago we saw different ideas to decorate women’s rooms, today we bring you several options if you are thinking of decorating a men’s room. Finding the ideal environment for children seems to be less complicated, since we see in the different designs, an environment where functionality and comfort predominate in each of the elements that make up the room, while remaining elegant, sober and welcoming.


Male Living Room Furniture

Leather sofas are one of the most popular to decorate the room, but we also see designs in resistant and thick fabrics. Include bookshelves or shelves where you can display your hobbies such as fishing, hunting, trophies, among others made of solid wood without curves in the design.



We see designs in textiles for curtains, rugs or accent pillows in solid tones or in striped or plaid patterns. They also often use blinds instead of curtains.


Male Rooms Colors:

Neutral tones are the most used such as gray, black, white, brown, but we also see dark shades of green, blue or red such as olive green, navy blue or burgundy red as a color accent for some accessories.

Here are more designs to decorate the men’s room:

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decorate-male-room-7 decorate-male-room-8 decorate-male-room-9 decorate-male-room-14 decorate-male-room-12 decorate-male-room-11 decorate-male-room-10 decorate-male-room-15 decorate-male-room-16 decorate-male-room-17 decorate-male-room-18 decorate-male-room-19 decorate-male-room-20 decorate-male-room-21 decorate-male-room-22

Designs Source: Pinterest

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