24 Modern Showers To Dazzle Your Bathroom

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Who said you need a luxury bathtub to make your bathroom look like a decor magazine?

I particularly think that the bathtubs are a romantic and beautiful idea, but in disuse. The spaces of the new houses are smaller and smaller to locate a tub in the bathroom and the people every time have less time to enjoy a long bath of immersion.

Not to mention what cleaning them implies and the waste of water in a world that is greener every day.

So the current trend is to design the bathroom to locate a good shower where you can take a short or long, soft or vigorous bath depending on your time and your mood.

Here you will find ideas that will inspire you so that your next shower is the star of your bathroom and gives you a restorative and energizing moment.

1. Lots of Water to Enjoy

01 extra large shower

The first thing you should pay attention to is having a shower fixture as God intended: spacious, with many holes and a large surface so that the moment of the bath is really pleasant. A lot of water falling on your body, as you can see in the image above.

02 extra large shower

Or like in this other image with a round shower head as always they tend to be, although large enough to fit more holes.

2. Rain From The Roof

03 ceiling shower

The rain effectIt is the latest craze in shower fixtures and an incomparable sensation if your intention is for the water to fall on you from head to toe. But I always look at the pros and cons, and in this case, if you don’t want to get your hair wet, for example, it will be difficult to achieve it with one of these showers, unless you wear a shower cap. Anyway, isn’t it spectacular?

04 ceiling shower

Both the image above and below recreate the beautiful design of showers with a rain effect. Something modern and expensive but really spectacular.

05 ceiling shower

3. Wide Spaces

If you are building your bathroom from scratch, the ideal is to be able to the largest amount of surface to what will be your space for relaxation and energy renewal. Your body will thank you every day, so don’t skimp.

06 very spacious shower

Below, another image of a shower in a spacious space with views of nature.

07 very spacious shower

4. Outdoors

Nothing more delicious than being able to shower while contemplating the sky and surrounded by greenery, without neglecting your privacy. This, which at first glance may seem unfeasible, is possible with these great ideas.

High walls, windows that darken at night, huge skylights or a shower in the middle of the patio for intense summer nights.



These other images also show us beautiful proposals and outdoor combination shower designs.




5. For Two

Are you one of those who like to bathe with very hot water and your partner prefers cold water? Is it impossible to take a shower together, because you take a long time and he is always ready beforehand?

13 shower for two

None of that is a problem if you can design one double shower so that everyone can enjoy it for as long as they want and at the right temperature.

15 shower for two

14 shower for two

6. Scottish Shower: Powerful and Energizing

Many jets of water in different directions and powers that will activate your whole body to have a day full of energy.

16 scottish shower

17 scottish shower

18 scottish shower

7. Waterfall

Another option that not only looks cute but will also give you an enveloping sensation, soft and powerful at the same time. It will be like bathing under a waterfall in the middle of nature.


22 waterfall

20 waterfall

8. Sit-in Showers

I bet all the ladies who read me will feel identified with me: how much we wish we had A comfortable place inside the shower to wax or apply the thousand products for hair and body that we usually have!

23 shower with seats

You can satisfy this need by including in the disGive your next shower a comfortable place to sit.

24 shower with seat

9. In Fiberglass

A forgotten but very useful material that has seen its designs renewed in the last decade. Fiberglass is light, safe and repels fungi. Plus, they now come in many shapes to suit your needs and tastes.

25 fiberglass

26 fiberglass

27 fiberglass

10. Hydromassage Cabins

In this same wave of fiberglass showers, I highly recommend these hydromassage cabins.

It is like having a hydro bath or a jacuzzi, only you will enjoy it standing up. Its powerful jets, adjustable in height and force, will leave you as good as new in a few minutes.

28 cabin

29 cabin

30 cabin

11. For Small Spaces

Perhaps the ideas that I have given you so far do not suit your space. If you have a small house or a small apartment you will not be able to undertake a spacious design, but you can also put all the wave with these ideas of modern showers for small spaces.

Use tempered glass partitions that give a feeling of greater spaciousness; Make niches in the wall to place your bathroom supplies and you can even include a corner seat.

31 small spaces

32 small spaces

33 small spaces

12. Rustic Showers

For a rustic bathroom there are also modern shower options, as counterintuitive as this may seem. Do not you believe it? Look at these pictures. The secret is in the use of the materials: rocks, zinc and smoothed cement, combined with wood and bronze-colored taps.

34 rustic shower

35 rustic shower

36 rustic shower

13. Vintage showers

A romantic touch in your bathroom can be very simple, without sacrificing the practicality of today’s modern showers. Antique tile or polished oak wood trim will help set the mood.

37 vintage shower

38 vintage shower

39 vintage shower

14. For The Little Ones of the House

Let’s face it: nothing is more fun for a child than a large bathtub full of toys to spend hours soaking in. But if what you have is a shower, there are also ways to make it fun for the little ones in the house. How? With accessories and many colors.

40 kids

Or we can also choose to place some stickers.

41 kids

42 kids

43 kids

15. Without Sacrificing The Bathtub

I’ve already said that, in my opinion, the bathtub is a cute nostalgic sanitary piece that looks good, but is not practical. However, I understand and respect those who continue to privilege her in their bathroom. If you have enough space, you don’t have to sacrifice it; so you can use the shower and the bathtub at will.

44 without sacrificing the bathtub

45 without sacrificing the bathtub

16. Pieces With Design

If you do not have too much budget or want to throw everything down, but you want to have one of the most amazing modern showers, then invest in some of these designs that you will not be able to stop admiring and enjoying.

46 patterned shower

47 patterned shower

47 patterned shower

17. Gold: Luxury and Glamor

A touch of class for your shower? Add taps in gold or copper.

49 Golden faucet

50 gold faucet

51 gold faucet

18. The Importance of Materials

A thoughtful and correct selection of the materials that you will place in the shower will enhance the whole and provide you with safety and hygiene. Rustic stones combined with non-slip tiles, or -for more limited budgets- smoothed cement, molded clay and a good coat of anti-fungal paint will give you everything you need for a dream shower.


53 materials

54 materials

55 materials

56 materials

19. Durable and Secure Floors

When choosing the floor for your new shower, think not only about beauty, but also about durability and safety. Water is not a good friend of certain materials, so select them carefully so that they last a lifetime and provide you with comfortable and risk-free baths.

57 floors

58 floors

59 floors

60 floors

20. Taking Advantage of Natural Light

Nothing is more beautiful in a bathroom than a window through which the light from outside can enter. If that’s the case and you’re in the shower, make the most of the light without compromising your privacy.

61 windows

Even if we have a small window, we can take advantage of the natural light that enters from it. We can thus paint it in a special color, so that it stands out in a special way.

62 windows

In this other idea we see a larger bathroom window which will also serve to be the main point of light in our shower. In this way, you will not even need to use artificial light.

63 windows

Another idea of ​​taking advantage of natural light for the shower, in this case a bathtub, also decorating with a small plant.

64 windows

21. Shower Accessories

We continue with this post, adding some ideas to complement your new shower with practical and decorative accessories like the ones you can see in all the images below. For example, a wooden shelf in the shower, to put on top the gel, sponge or any hygiene product that you use while you shower.

65 seat

Or a shower curtain, but not just any but one curtain that it has a system that allows us to go up and down whenever we want.

66 roller blind

Or we can choose a complement that consists of placing a nice vinyl like the one we see below. A simple accessory but one that will bring a radical change to how the shower looks.

67 vinyls

Or we can also choose to place a simple bar so we can hang the towels in the shower.

68 auxiliary bar

Among the accessories for the shower, we can also choose water diffusers, so that it does not go out in excess and in this way, better control spending.

69 speaker

Or we can also opt for something as curious as a foot support and in this way to be able to wax while we are under the shower.

70 footrest

22. Showers for bedrooms

Have you ever imagined having the shower in your own bedroom? One of the perfect images that can serve as inspiration is this shower open on one side, with a waterfall in the form of rain that is phenomenal to enjoy an open space.

23. Shower with interior bench

Look at this shower cabin that you can create at home, with a wooden bench space with which you can enjoy the steam generated by the bathroom.

24. Modern showers with internal shelves

When designing your showers and your cabin space, note that you can take advantage of it to only enjoy the fall of the water and have hygiene items inside the wall itself.

I hope that with what I have just shared, your new shower is much more than a space to enter for a hygiene routine. You will be entering an intimate, cozy, practical and modern space that you will adore forever and if …

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