+25 Styles of Candy Tables – Candy Bar Beautiful and original!

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The tables of sweets or candy bar They capture the attention of everyone in any type of party, not only because of their indisputable flavor, but because it allows us to be creative, use many colors and shapes that will necessarily make us look and wish.

Here you will find many ideas to decorate your next candy table, whether for a birthday, a baptism or any occasion.

1. Candy Tables For Christenings

Although it is a treat for a baby, it is possible that most of your guests are adults, so you should combine an angelic design with a table of sweets that the parents of the honored and their friends like.

2. Sweet Fifteen Years Tables

It is a very important and unforgettable date for birthday girls. Make it just as unforgettable for your guests, with sweet tables that impress. In addition to including cute cakes and treats, design a table that’s fit for a princess.

3. Birthdays for Boys

Sweet tables for girls are usually much easier to make because there are many beautiful reasons to decorate them; But for children this can be a bit more complicated, so we give you several ideas to decorate the sweet table of a child, an older child or a teenager. You can make it very neutral or apply your favorite sport or hobby to the design.

4. Birthdays For Girls

As I already said, it is much easier to decorate a sweet table for girls. The color pink and its derivatives will always be present and the sweets in those colors, I don’t know why, but they look very provocative. Marshmallows, lollipops and gummies will look beautiful in towers, jars or trays.

5. Candy Table for First Communion

This event, so important for Catholic families, can sometimes be difficult to set the scene both because of the age of the guest – he is not young or big yet – and for the reason itself.

Your sweet first communion table has to be sober enough to accompany the reason for the celebration, but at the same time happy and fun, because we must not forget that the honorees are boys. Here are several ideas to help you in this task.

6. Outdoor Sweet Tables

Let’s face it. An outdoor party has a unique charm and you have to take advantage of the warm months to enjoy the sun and nature. But BEWARE! Remember that sweets are not only attractive to people, but also to bees, ants and other insects.

So, if you are going to place a sweet table outdoors, keep in mind that you must protect them from these undesirable animals.

Candies in jars with colorful lids or elegant glass bells to cover the cakes, will protect your sweets without making the table look ugly. Complement the decor with cute seasonal flowers.

7. Baby Shower Sweets

A new member of the family arrives and this must be celebrated! If you already know the gender of the baby, then decorate based on that.

If you are one of those who prefers suspense, or you do not agree to pigeonhole girls in pink and boys in blue, then choose your favorite color and decorate. Don’t you want to spend too much? Decorate your candy table with garlands and paper flowers.

8. Theme Parties

If you have children between 2 and 10 years old, you will surely make the whole atmosphere of their party around their favorite character. If so, then the sweet table will have to accompany the selected motif. Sweet princesses, ballerinas or superheroes will be the sensation of the party.

For teenagers, choose their favorite place in the world, their favorite singer or the hobby that they are most passionate about.

9. Bachelorette Parties

Shout out to the world –or at least to your closest friends– that you are in love and that soon you will say the two most beautiful words “Yes, I do”.

10. Candy for Adult Parties

Not all parties are children’s. And in the case of adults, ideas can be scarce. Black and white will be colors that will never fail in an elegant or sexy adult party. You can also combine these basic colors with another that breaks the monochrome a bit.

Gold will look great for evening parties.

11. Sweet Christmas

Red and green are the quintessential Christmas colors. But in the sweet tables of this beautiful time of year, what will surely stand out will be your skill making beautiful decorated cookies and other seasonal desserts full of color and Christmas motifs. Creations so cute that it will be worth eating them.

12. Children’s Candy Ideas

The possibilities are endless to create beautiful tables full of sweets for the little ones in the house. Of course, prepare yourself psychologically so that they do not last more than 5 minutes standing. Guys will not appreciate your effort, but will want to eat it all in no time. Create them so that, at least, you can take a couple of photos that remain in the memory.

13. Economic Sweet Tables

You don’t need to spend too much money on a sweet table. If you are a good pastry chef or hire someone to make you a few candies but flashy and delicious, your guests will be delighted. The decoration does not have to be pompous either: the simpler it is, the more it will highlight what really matters: the sweets. Balloons, paper and some distinctive detail will be enough to decorate your table.

14. For The Beach

Many birthdays are celebrated on the beach and that is reason enough to decorate according to the environment. Use plastic buckets to place your sweets and decorate them with beach motifs.

15. For The Pool

Another classic: “swimming pool” with friends. It includes fruits, jellies and cold desserts to refresh, many colors and to enjoy! Both on the beach and in the pool, be aware that paper tablecloths and ornaments will get wet and tear easily. Better use plastic and synthetic materials resistant to water.

16. Tables For All Occasions

Any celebration is good for a beautifully decorated candy table. Towers and pyramids of macarrons, minimalist cakes, decorated cookies, cupcakes and much more so that your guests cannot resist the temptation.

17. Sweet and Healthy

You are on a diet? Are your guests? Are you a fan of healthy? No problem. You can give your candy table a twist with artfully cut fresh seasonal fruits. It will be just as tempting and much healthier.

18. Chocolate Fountains

They were the party sensation of a decade ago and are still in high demand because resisting good chocolate that flows and flows non-stop is impossible. Accompany it with fruits, marshmallows, marzipan and squares of assorted cakes. Delicious!

19. Pop Corn Bar

More and more parties are including a popcorn bar inside their sweet table. In addition to being light, they stand out at the table and there is practically no one who does not like this treat that you cannot stop eating.

20. Donut Walls

A real novelty! Place them on the back wall of the sweet table or even as a background for photos with your guests. In the end, there will surely not be one left.

21. Cakepops, Mallowpops and Shots

It is the new trend of sweet tables. Practical to eat, because they are small portions so your guests can try everything without eating too much. In addition, they look beautiful and allow you to play a lot more with the design of the table.

With all these ideas, you just have to dare and build your sweet table. A couple of photos and to taste all those delicacies.

Photo gallery with ideas of sweet tables

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