29 Photos of Transparent Christmas Balls 2021

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Decorating the house for Christmas is an activity that excites me a lot, that’s why I always start to think about what I want to do well in advance. This time I want to help you with great ideas to decorate your tree and the whole house, starting with very creative ones Christmas balls.

If you are tired of putting together the same little tree every year, with the old inherited ornaments, already a bit battered and old-fashioned, I tell you that there is an inexpensive and original way to give it a new “look” that will make it look more beautiful than never. These are transparent Christmas balls.

Here are many ideas that you can combine with lights and ribbons so that your tree and your Christmas arrangements are the center of attention in the upcoming parties.

Transparent Christmas balls

First of all you should know that there are several types of transparent balls. There are those of blown glass that are totally closed. They are very cute combined with other balls or colored accessories.

closed transparent ball

Then there are the ones with a metal cap on top, which you can remove to fill the balls with whatever you want, close them and leave them ready to hang.

transparent christmas balls with cap

There are also the balls that open in half; These are generally made of plastic or acrylic and allow to put inside more voluminous and elaborate things that would not enter through the small hole of the previous ones.

detachable transparent ball

Finally you will find some that have a large central opening, special for placing objects that require oxygen, such as candles or small plants.

open transparent ball

Knowing then the different types of transparent balls that exist on the market, you will then know which one to buy depending on the use you want to give it.

All are quite inexpensive and you will surely find them in many websites or physical stores specialized in decoration.

The rest is up to your imagination. And I bet you that no matter how much you make it fly, you will not be able to imagine everything that I am going to show you next.

1. Iridescent Glass

Starting with the most basic, these blown glass balls are very delicate and very subtle.

They will be beautiful in a very leafy tree with white lights and silver ribbons, or if you prefer, accompanied by balls of many colors, because their iridescent effect makes them very combinable.

01 litmus glass

2. Hand Painted

You should only buy glass paint and brushes of different thicknesses. Involve the boys in this activity, so your Christmas tree will have the imprint of the whole family.

02 hand-painted balls

3. Painted and Full of Snow

In addition to hand painting them, you can also fill them with fake snow.

03 painted and filled with snow

4. Vinyl Prints

Another option is to print different Christmas motifs on self-adhesive vinyl that you can apply to the balls. You can also fill them with fake snow, glitter or whatever suits your chosen motif.

04 vinyl and fake snow

5. Messages and Good Wishes

As simple as printing or handwriting cute Christmas wishes and inserting them into each ball. If it is one of those that can be opened, distribute the messages among your guests on Christmas Eve.

05 good wishes

6. Paper Stars

Take advantage of all the waste paper you have and make cute flat, corporeal or origami stars with which you can fill the Christmas balls.

06 handmade paper stars

7. Trees in the Tree

A snowy tree inside each ball? Just great!

07 little tree and snow

8. Painted with Glitter

Draw the shape you want with plastic glue on the glass and then sprinkle it with colored glitter. A brilliant idea!

08 Painted with glitter

9. Stuffed with Mostacillas

A very good option to add color to the tree. Best of all, you can empty them later and fill them with something else next year. You will have a new tree every year.

09 beads with beads

10. Paper Rolls

You can use wrapping paper, old magazine paper, or whatever you have on hand.

10 multicolored paper rolls

11. Multicolored Sugar Balls

If you are a color lover, fill the balls with these mini sugar balls that are used to decorate cakes and sweets.

11 sugar balls

12. Candy

They will guarantee you a very sweet and colorful Christmas.

12 candies

13. Popcorn

Sticking with edible ideas, creativity is endless. Popcorn, candies, mints, chocolate coins … whatever you want!

13 popcorn

14. Sand and Snails

Surely you or your children are one of those who spend hours on the beach collecting shells and snails … then take advantage of them with this idea and may the memory of summer accompany you until Christmas.

14 sand and snails

15. Lace

Very delicate detail for a very romantic tree.

15 Lace

16. Pearls

The glamor and elegance of pearls will make your tree a piece to be admired.

16 pearls

17. Rose Petals

Romantic and dreamy. A very useful resource for Christmas table decorations.

17 petals

18. Dried Flowers

You can also dissect flowers and set the decoration with this very vintage resource.

18 dried flowers

19. Flowers and Candles

If you buy the balls that are open, you can put fresh flowers and also candles that will be beautiful on Christmas Eve. But BEWARE! Make sure they are in safe and non-flammable places.

19 flowers and candles

20. Paper Filaments

You can use the paper that comes from filler in the boxes of fragile objects, or even those that remain in the deposit of the office shredder.

20 colored filaments

21. Pens and Ribbons

Light, ethereal, sublime …

21 feathers and ribbons

22. Photographs

Print small photos of the family, your last vacation or the places you want to visit next year. Your guests will spend hours discovering fun things in your tree.

22 photos22 photos2

23. Ropes, Ropes and Cords

For a rustic tree, this idea is very original and super economical.

23 ropes

24. Miniature Gardens

A beautiful idea for Christmas arrangements that allow you to appreciate this work, almost filigree, up close.

24 miniature garden

25. Painted Twigs

Paint dry twigs with different colors and place them inside the balls to decorate your natural tree or why not?… Your tree also made with a dry branch.

25 painted twigs

26. Animals

Cut out pictures of your favorite animals from magazines or books or paint them yourself, so you can choose the color palette that you like the most.

26 animals

27. Bird Feathers or Balloons

The showiness of the feathers of a peacock (you will find fake peacock feathers in the haberdashery) will be unique and novel. If there are many children in your family, they will adore these balls with inflated balloons inside.

27 peacock feathers and balloons

28. Carved

With a portable emery, you can draw the motif you want to make your Christmas balls authentic works of art.

28 carved balls

29. Custom Balls

With indelible ink markers or special glass paint you can personalize the balls with the names of each member of the family.

29 custom balls

As you will see, creativity has no limits. A transparent ball is like a blank canvas that will allow you to fill it with whatever you want. Nothing is impossible and your Christmas tree will look like none.

Although there is still a long way to go, start thinking about which of all these ideas will decorate your house in the next holidays and Merry Christmas!


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