3 effective methods to eliminate bed bugs

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Decor : 3 effective methods to eliminate bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most hated insects by people. You can come from hotels, suitcases and airports, and invade our homes, leaving us scabbed and itchy. We cannot see them that well, and when there are symptoms that they are in our house, it is too late. These little insects, and the hundreds of eggs they can lay in their lifetime, are enough to make people’s skin crawl just by mentioning them.

If you’ve seen any of the dreaded tell-tale signs – tiny red bumps, a mattress with copper stains at the seams, and nighttime itchiness – it’s time to take this into your own hands. There is no single way to get rid of bed bugs, but you can mix and match any of these three methods to get the result you want.

Temperature control

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Bed bugs cannot live in temperatures above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or below zero. This information would be fantastic news if it weren’t for the fact that most people can’t handle these temperatures either. Instead of freezing or overheating your home, you can do spot treatments. If you gather items that could have been affected and can fit in a plastic bag, you can place them in a freezer for at least four days and then immediately wash the fabrics in hot water.

Another method is to steam the carpet, floorboards, and mattress with a high-heat steamer. This method will kill any of the insects on impact and will also begin cleaning the surfaces. Unfortunately, using temperature to kill these bugs may not be reliable, so it’s best to combine this with another option.

Deep cleaning

This option requires patience and time, and may even fail. Deep cleaning is a way to comb the entire room without having to use chemicals. Move furniture away from walls, repair holes in wallpaper or table, and cover electrical outlets. Take the time to clean the room by hand and make sure there is nowhere for these insects to hide. From here, with hot soapy water and a thick bristle brush, clean the floorboards and your mattress until you notice a visible change.

Chemical control

This option is the best known version of bed bug treatment out there. The mention of the insecticide brings up a mental image of people having to pitch tents in their houses and spend a week in a hotel. Fortunately, things aren’t quite as dramatic as they used to be, but they can still be quite intense.

Foggers are the most popular type of insecticide. This device creates a smoke screen throughout the affected room and covers the insects and their eggs. This moment is usually enough to kill the current wave of insects, but it can be a coin toss whether or not you will be able to knock down their eggs.

There are more environmentally friendly methods that use things like vegetable oil to kill insects. These insecticides can be powerful and are better for your family and the health of the planet.

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