30 Wonderful L Kitchens You Were Looking For

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kitchens L cover

kitchens L cover

Would you like to give your kitchen a new look, but don’t know how? Today I will show you wonderful L-shaped kitchens that will make you fall in love at first sight.

Designing the kitchen and achieving an efficient organization is a fundamental and essential aspect, regardless of whether you have a large or small kitchen, closed or you have one of those kitchens open to the living room. For this reason, over time, different kitchen designs have been created that have become known for their shape and their similarity to the letters of the alphabet, hence today we are talking about a kitchen in the shape of an «L», as we can also see U-shaped kitchens.

Whether you choose one type of kitchen or another also depends on the space available, since U-shaped kitchens are great when it comes to a spacious kitchen, while L-shaped kitchens are great for long kitchens but do not have as much width, for kitchens that are not so long but that can only use one of the walls so that everything is not too close together, or for people who do not use the kitchen much or do not need a lot of storage furniture.

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We will see below L-shaped kitchen designs for small and large kitchens. Regardless of how your kitchen is, do not stop looking at the entire gallery, you can find good ideas in all the photographs. Let’s check!

L Design For Small Kitchens

If your kitchen has small dimensions, the truth is that this type of kitchen is perfect for you, as I have said before, you can take advantage of the available space by installing furniture where probably in any kitchen there would be an empty wall.

In the case of a small kitchen, one of the recommendations that we can make is that you bet on choosing for the top furniture glass doors, because they will reduce the level of opacity, generating the feeling of greater amplitude and that everything is not so oppressed.

Another recommendation to make your kitchen look brighter is ogo for light and soft colors, avoiding dark colors. That you like dark colors a lot and want to include them anyway? So, the best recommendation we can make is that you combine them with other lighter tones so that there are spaces where more light is projected and generates a greater sense of spaciousness.

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We will see in the next gallery some very simple and modest kitchens, and also some new and almost luxurious ones.

small kitchen L blackwhite and wood L-shaped kitchenwood L kitchenblack and white L kitchenwhite L kitchensmall L-shaped kitchen in light woodmodern light wood small L-shaped kitchenkitchen in L small brown woodsmall L-shaped kitchen light wood and whitesmall dark brown L-shaped kitchensmall white L-shaped kitchenwooden kitchen in small Lkitchen in L small creamblack kitchen in LSmall white and light blue L-shaped kitchenwhite kitchen in Lsmall kitchen with islandsmall white L-shaped kitchenwhite kitchen in small lsmall white with tablesmall wood kitchen

L Design For Large Kitchens

If your mission is to re-decorate a larger kitchen, here I will show you some examples of what can be done with more space.

We will see some kitchens that are L-shaped, but have also incorporated an island. Whether you like island kitchens or not, it is worth looking at them and paying attention to the kitchen furniture and its arrangement.

kitchen L island

G celestial kitchen in LLarge brown L kitchenlarge black l-shaped kitchenlarge dark brown L kitchenlarge kitchen byngray l shaped kitchenred L kitchenlarge red and yellow L shaped kitchenlarge dark brown L-shaped kitchenlarge wooden L-shaped kitchenlarge dark brown L-shaped kitchenlarge blue L-shaped kitchenlarge white L shaped kitchenlarge dark red L shaped kitchenlarge L-shaped kitchen oillarge romantic white L-shaped kitchenwood kitchen in lwhite kitchen in white Llarge kitchen in white l with table

To end…

L-shaped kitchens are a feasible and highly functional solution to meet the needs of today’s families.

In terms of comfort and space saving they get the highest mark. They can be complemented with an island if there is space, which is ideal for carrying out daily activities.

I really hope that this style of kitchens has convinced you to make a change in your home and that you have been able to find the best design ideas to decorate yours.

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Success in your remodeling!

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