31 Small Pool Ideas for Terraces and Gardens

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31 Small Pool Ideas for Terraces and Gardens. When the good weather and the heat arrive, how many of us have not longed to have a pool where we can cool off, invite friends and share without suffering so much heat? This idea may have haunted your head and you have quickly discarded it due to the space limitations of your garden or terrace. Well let me tell you, that’s not a problem.

Here you will find many ideas of small pools to make the most of your space and be able to have a dream corner that relieves you from the heat and also decorates and enhances your outdoor spaces.

1. Transparent and In Height

This idea is totally cool! You will have a pool on the terrace, but its refreshing turquoise will also be present on the ground floor. Plus, sharing visuals through glass will be a lot of fun.

01 Transparent and in Height

2. A Refreshing Waterfall

The soothing sound of the water falling energetically will be therapeutic in itself. Not to mention when you can get under this great wall of water. Bye heat!

02 Waterfall

3. The Entire Terrace For Her

Yes, it is possible to have small pools for terraces or balconies, no matter how small the space. If it’s really what you want, then sacrifice everything else and enjoy the water.

03 small terrace

4. On the corner

The square and small patios are usually complicated to take advantage of them with a pool and that also can be space for other activities. The solution is to design it in a corner.

04 corner and with waterfall

Here we show you another idea of ​​a pool placed in a corner

04 Corner Pool

5. In Long Yards

Long patios also have their limitations, because we have the idea that the pool has to be square or round. Well no … you can also have a narrow pool in which you can swim, taking advantage of the entire length of your patio.

05 long pool

6. At the Edge

Perhaps your space is not enough for a pool that can accommodate many, but even a minimal edge of turquoise water will transmit all the freshness you need and at least it will serve to refresh your feet while you read a good book and sunbathe.

06 On the edge

7. With Plants

There will always be room for the fresh greenery of the plants. The corners are ideal for this, because they will not interrupt the passage. Also take into account the species you plant, take care that they have large foliage: they will give you good shade and will not dirty the water.

07 pool with plants

8. Without Sacrificing the Garden

If you are one of those who love plants, you will surely have a conflict with those who want a small pool in the garden. But you don’t have to sacrifice one thing for the other. Your beautiful garden will be the ideal setting for the refreshing pool.

9. Artificial grass

And if your garden or terrace does not have the beautiful vegetal green, then create it with an artificial grass carpet.

09 artificial grass

10. Wooden Floor

Wooden floors are very elegant and they also have their advantages. They require minimal care, they do not heat up too much – so you will not burn your feet – and they will keep your pool much cleaner compared to the surroundings with plants.

10 wooden deck

11. Sliding floor

If space and your pocket allow it, these sliding floors are an excellent idea, especially for those places with marked stations, where the pool will not always be usable.

11 slide deck

12. On unevenness

Do not think that having small pools at home is only possible if it is located on flat land. It is a matter of thinking creatively and taking advantage of the unevenness.

12 uneven pool

13. In Height

Pools as small tanks are beautiful and allow you to create differentiated environments that you can use depending on the occasion.

13 swimming pool in height

14. The Advantage of No Digging

The hardest and most expensive part of building a pool is digging deep and preparing the walls to prevent unwanted seepage. All that can be avoided with high pools. Build it above ground level and enjoy.

14 no digging

In this other idea that we show you, you can see how well you can get a pool whose construction shows the raised floor.

14 no digging 2

15. Indoor Pool

Yes it’s correct. It is not possible to build a pool in just any space. If your terrace is too small, it may not fit. But who said that this is an impediment to having an aquatic space where to play or rest? If it doesn’t fit outside … Build it inside!

15 indoor pool

16. Crescent

Half fountain, half pool. Half decorative, half functional. Half patio, half fresh water for the summer. The two halves result in an exceptional whole.

16 crescent pool

17. Making the Most of Space

This idea synthesizes everything that is possible to do in a small space. You don’t really need much else.

17 making the most of space

18. In the Middle of the Garden

Let the pool be the protagonist and let everything else revolve around it.

18 pool in the middle of the garden

19. In the Internal Courtyard

If what you have is an internal patio, do not think that this is an impediment to placing a beautiful pool.

Look at the advantages: the walls will protect you from the wind, you can take advantage of it in the sun and also in the cool summer shade and you will have a beautiful view from inside the house.

19 inner courtyard

On the other hand, if you bet on painting the walls of that interior patio with a neutral color or white, you will achieve that the environment is cooled and the temperature in the pool is better preserved.

19 internal courtyard 2

20. Almost Inside the House

“I want a pool yes or yes.” If this is your thought, then use all the space you have, regardless of the pool literally entering your home.

20 almost inside the house

21. Divided

Instead of having a pool that complicates the space, why not have two and leave the way free to walk? An excellent idea.

21 split pool

22. Room for Everything

Pool, ground, plants and place to sit. Anything else? Everything is possible no matter how small the space is. Look at this ingenious idea in which the deck stands out and overlaps the pool as an option to place the sun loungers.

22 space for everything

23. Cushions Around

And if the stretchers do not fit no matter how creative we get, then place comfortable cushions around the pool. A small spa in your home.

23 seat cushions

24. Integrated Pools

The pool is definitely a place to share. Then integrate it into the rest of the social environments; This will allow more people to enjoy the hot summer days.

24 integrated pool

You can even integrate it with a bar, as we see in this other image below, so that you practically do not have to get out of the water if you also want to enjoy your favorite cocktail.

24 integrated pool 2

25. Jacuzzi, Cute and Useful

In my opinion, the Jacuzzi has everything that water can offer: it refreshes but it can also give heat, it relaxes and at the same time gives you a lot of energy, and you need very little space.

25 Jacuzzi

26. Mediterranean style

Nothing that remembers summer more than the Mediterranean. You can have a bit of that style in your home with the help of tiles and accessories that will give a very warm touch to your decoration.

27 mediterranean style

We can even find adhesive paper, which will allow you to decorate the terrace, and even the edges of the pool with a summer style that you are sure to love.

27 mediterranean style 2

27. Different Materials

Don’t limit yourself to typical pool tiles. Take advantage of the fact that it won’t be very big and dare to innovate. Concrete and stone are great options.

27 concrete pool

With these materials, you will make your pool terrace look with a beautiful rustic style, something that on the other hand, is also a trend this season.

27 stone pool

28. To Enjoy the Night

Good lighting and the proper arrangement will allow you to enjoy your pool on long and hot summer nights.

28 for the night

You can choose to place lighting inside the pool, but if you don’t have the budget for it, you can also place lanterns or lights around the pool, something that by the way is a trend.

28 for night 2

29. To Swim Without Problem

If you like swimming, you will have a great advantage if you have a long patio that allows you to take a few strokes. And if you don’t have it, the great solution is to place these motors that give the water a gradual force so that you can swim against the current for as long as you want without moving your place. Great idea!

29 for swimming

In these other ideas, you can see two other great proposals so that you can have your pool correctly.

29 for swimming 2

30. Different Depths

To keep all family members happy, the ideal is to be able to build a pool that has different depths. Thus, adults and children alike will have fun.

30 different depths

In this other idea you can see from another perspective, the pool concept with various depths, and with it, get the most out of your terrace.

30 different depths 2

31. On a Low Budget

I always like to include an idea that doesn’t require too much expense. And this time I found TWO. A portable pool that will be completely hidden with the construction of the wooden floor and a galvanized metal tank, very much in the style of the field, which you can embellish with the general decoration.

31 little budget

31 little budget tank

As you will see, it does not matter if you have a minimal terrace or a small garden that you think does not fit anything else. If you dream of a swimming pool for your home, this can become a reality faster than you imagine. Just take note of these tips to make the most of the space and dare to create.

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