4 types of furniture that you can place at the foot of the bed

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Decor : 4 types of furniture that you can place at the foot of the bed

Bedside furniture

It is usual that when decorating the bedroom we pay attention to the main wall, but we neglect the foot of the bed. An element, however, key for many decorators who consider that this helps us to close bedroom decor to give it that final touch that completes it.

Place a bedside cabinet In addition to aesthetically transforming a bedroom, you can increase its functionality. How? Increasing its storage capacity and / or providing us with a space in which to sit. Benches, trunks and modular furniture are some of the types of furniture that you can place at the foot of the bed, discover them all!


The benches are widely used as footboards. They take up little space and provide us with a space in which to leave our clothes ready at night or put on comfortable shoes in the morning. The wooden benches are the most popular for this purpose, although the upholstery continues to have a great role in the main bedrooms.

Bench at foot of bed

The benches in light woods They are widely used in the Scandinavian style, a style that has become popular in recent years. Less common are benches in dark woods. However, these can help you create interesting contrasts by opposing them to a bed with a clear structure of the same material. Both will bring warmth to a room decorated in cold tones.

Due to their flat surface, the wooden benches are very comfortable to put things on. However, when sitting down they turn out to be a lot the upholstery more comfortable. This type of bench can also provide us with another stylistic advantage; add continuity to the bed, by its shape, fabric and tonality.


Do you usually have a bedside table full of books? A good option for you as a bedside furniture would be to bet on a bookcase for keep your books in order favorites or those you turn to frequently. With a simple and low library like the ones in the images you will always be right and the best thing is that you can build it yourself!

Bookcase in bedroom

This type of furniture is very versatile in a bedroom. You can use it as storage space To store books, bedding or shoes if you place wicker baskets between the two shelves. In addition, it can serve as a bench, so you will have two pieces of furniture in one.

Suitcases and trunks

The washed wood chests they are a great alternative as a bedside cabinet. In addition to providing warmth to the room, due to their large size they are very useful for storing bedding, out-of-season blankets or cushions while you sleep.

Trunks and suitcases at the bedside

A very economical option with which you will achieve a similar aesthetic and functionality is to recover old trunks and suitcases. Placed at the foot of the bed, these will give the bedroom a unique retro and industrial style. Are your suitcases not big enough? Try stacking two or three of different sizes. Reserve the bottom ones for out-of-season clothing and use the highest one for more everyday use.

Chests of drawers and chests

If you need to increase the storage space in your bedroom, modular furniture, drawers and dressers they become a great ally. These generally have a depth greater than that of a bench or some shelves to offer you a greater capacity, so you will need more room at the foot of the bed for them. You got it?

Bedroom furniture

If you have it combine closed and open storage solutions at the foot of the bed, just like Ikea does, it can be a great choice. And if the storage space needs are great, don’t hesitate to elevate these solutions beyond the height of the bed itself.

There are many possibilities to dress the footboard and at the same time gain functionality in the bedroom. Benches, trunks, bookcases and drawers are the most popular, but not the only ones. In large bedrooms, placing a sofa is increasingly common.

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