4 ways to take advantage of Alex de Ikea drawers

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4 ways to take advantage of Alex de Ikea drawers

Alex drawers by Ikea

The Alex Series Chests of drawers They are one of Ikea's most popular products. Designed as a storage element to decorate the work or study area, there are many more uses we can give them in our homes and today we want to show you some of them.

The chest of drawers Alex with a width of 36cm. and five drawers includes plastic protectors that allow a board to be placed on top and that it stays in place. The particularity of the Alex chest of drawers with wheels is, however and as its name indicates, the wheels. Wheels that, however, we will withdraw for what uses. Discover them!

Uses of Alex drawers

Alex drawers are very popular in work or study spaces. Their drawers make them practical furniture for storing work supplies and documents. But as we keep these tools, they can be used to store other types of small objects throughout our home. Some of its most popular uses are the ones we share with you below:

Alex chest of drawers on desk

Office desk and storage

The Ikea catalog makes it clear that the Alex chest of drawers has been conceived (36x58x70): to create from it a desk. Simply put on this chest of drawers a flat surface and add some legs to achieve a space with the appropriate height to work or study. The combinations are also endless.

The drawers with wheels. instead, they are often used as additional storage They are really comfortable in creative studies because they allow us to organize small tools and move them wherever we want with ease. Its capacity is also important; It measures 67x48x66cm. It has a depth less than the chest of drawers, which can be especially interesting in narrow spaces.

Bedside table

Today the beds are higher and that makes Alex drawers also a good alternative as a bedside table. his simple line design It combines well with a multitude of styles, although it is in modern and contemporary bedrooms where it best fits, both in its white version and in its bluish version.

Chest of drawers Alex as a bedside table

Chest of drawers with wheels are also very practical, as they allow you to change places for clean comfortably this zone. Do you want to have open storage space also on the table? You can always remove a pair of drawers from the bottom and have room for more bulky things.

Chest of drawers or low furniture

Joining different drawers We can achieve a nice low furniture with which to decorate the hall or the living room. In the hall we can use it to leave the keys when we arrive and organize the accessories. Placing on these some decorative objects and / or hangers, according to the needs, we will achieve a most functional hall.

Low furniture with drawers Alex

In the living room you can become a great TV cabinet. Imagine how many things you can store in the drawers if you join two or three large drawers. And if you still need storage space, you can always incorporate shelves on it. And why not use it in the same way as comfortable in the bedroom?

Bank or reading corner

Surely this idea in the image above has caught your attention. By removing the wheels to the Alex drawers with wheels, to make them more stable, you can create a nice bank in which to sit and read. Place it against a wall and next to a window, cover it with cushions and it will become your favorite corner. And don't forget to incorporate a low maintenance plant nearby; It will make this relaxing space much more enjoyable.

Don't you think it's a great idea for decorate a children's bedroom? At the same time that you incorporate a large storage space, you provide the little ones with a nice corner that you can convert to a desk by simply restructuring it and incorporating a board that serves as a work surface.

Do you like the drawers of the Alex series? Beyond being able to use them for numerous purposes it will be easy for you to transform them. You can paint them, add legs or incorporate handles to make them more attractive or give them your style.

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