40 Crafts to do at home Enough of TV!

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We bring you 40 fantastic crafts, with different degrees of difficulty, that you can do at home and enjoy each of the projects. There are crafts suitable for children, for young people and for adults that you can do with different types of materials: fabrics, bottles, ropes, containers, paper, etc. Do not miss all the step by step.

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Original Crafts with Fabric Frame

Framed Fabrics 1

These fabric racks They are a phenomenal option to get a wall decorated in a vintage style, combining fabrics of different geometric designs and colors. In turn, we recommend that you combine different sizes of frames to create a more beautiful and striking decorative composition.

The materials that you will need to create your own racks:

  • Racks of different sizes to give a stylish touch to your decoration
  • Fabrics to your liking
  • Paint, varnish and brushes

The number of backstage It will be related to the place where you intend to put this ornament. You can buy racks of different materials and colors, you can even paint them yourself before continuing with the next steps.

Regarding the fabrics, they must be chosen very carefully, so that there is a harmonious effect behind the scenes. We will see in the final result that it is advisable to combine the fabrics by color ranges, but this is absolutely free and you can choose the fabrics with the designs that you like the most.


Here we have three examples of fabric hoops how beautiful and harmonious a wall can be when decorating it with good taste and choosing the fabric designs very well. Do you dare to do it? Too easy!

Frame Fabrics 2racks 3

If you want to get some fabric racks with dual functionality, don’t miss this denim option with pockets that, in addition to being decorative, you will see that it can be used to store things, relocate them and decorate a space in a different way. In turn, it is a great way to reuse your old pants.


Bottle Planters

If your manual skills aren’t that good, the bottle planters They are an idea that can help you decorate a part of your house to make it look more entertaining and green.

Hanging glass pots

glass bottles

By using glass bottles we can simply hang them outside and make them look fresh flowers. This is probably more of a style vase than a pot as such, since in order for it to always have flowers, they should probably be cut and put in the bottles with water. Likewise, they look great.

This idea can also be used for special occasions, depending on the glass bottleYou can even decorate areas of a country marriage, or give a special touch to a christening. It all depends on your initiative and creativity.

Wall of plants with plastic bottles

bottles 2

Now, if your idea is to make a plant wallAs a room divider or just to beautify a wall, an excellent idea is to make the pots with recycled soda bottles (plastic bottles).

The idea is very simple, you can put the bottle horizontally or vertically (as it suits you best) put soil and plant the shrub that you like the most. If you are not very clear about which decorative shrubs you could put, I leave you my article «Garden Shrubs» in which you will find some ideas that you could use to build your green area.

Steps to make a vertical garden

There are not many skills involved in making this garden, the bottle is cut as a window, the bottles are joined with a string making a hole in the plastic to finally put soil and put the plants you want.

bottles 1

At first you may vertical garden looks a bit poor, as it takes time for the plants to grow and adjust to the environment.

I recommend plant evergreen shrubs that fall with gravity or are creepers type. In the future the plant will cover its plastic pot, so only leafy plants will be seen.


Finally, this idea of ​​plastic bottles is also wonderful if you want to have a small orchard, and thus in each bottle, you will plant a different seed.

Depending on what you plant, the bottle can serve as a pot for some time, until the conditions are conducive to growing. move to a place with more space.


If we talk about crafts to do at home, this idea is probably not as effective decoratively speaking, but it will be very useful for your meals. Is there anything better than eating from your own garden?

Bathroom Basket

The baskets for bathroom They are a very simple and great option to create an easy craft that I also found very quick to do, being able to be a fun activity to do as a family.

The materials we need are very basic:

  • a box of the size that seems appropriate (or you have),
  • a rustic glue string,
  • a cloth or a towel

Let’s see the photographs so that you can make your basket in 3 steps:

toilet paper

I think that an important detail that is not appreciated in the photograph is that the fins of the top of the box should not be cut off, if not put inwards, with the aim of making the box more resistant and hard.

Various crafts with packaging

We will see below crafts that can be made from containers that we can recycle to give them a new life.

Detergent packaging bookends

Have you thought about how to reuse detergent containers? See here this excellent idea to use them as book holder. They can certainly make your desktop a neater place.

book holderbook holder 2

Water dispenser – Anti-drip

Has it happened to you that water dispenser drips? Well, here is another excellent and useful idea to contain those drops that dirty the floor, made simply from a bottle. Creative and useful at the same time, right?


Recycled packaging vases

There is always the option of painting the bottles and putting some decorations on them, to be able to show them off in your home.

decorated bottles

It all depends on how creative you are.

decorated bottles 2

If you were looking for ideas of useful crafts for the home, here are some with raw materials from packaging. All very simple to do.

brush holder

Container for storing tweezers

toy holder

Pencil holder – plastic case

pencil holders

Hold mobile

charger 3

I’ve seen a lot of ideas lately for hold your mobile while charging it. These seem very beautiful and very ecological to me.


  • You only need an empty glue bottle,
  • pair of scissors
  • whatever you have to decorate.

charger 2charger 1

Crafts and Ideas in Various Materials


Below I show you some very easy craft ideas, which represent ideas to decorate something that you have forgotten or simply something that will serve as an ornament for yourself or for your house.


To begin we will see these ingenious tables that usually help us to carry papers in an orderly way, because now they will bring us the best style to our walls. It all depends on what you decorate them with, they can be with old magazines, collage, photos of your family, anything that looks interesting!

Table 1tables 3

Homemade photo frames

Here we have other simple ideas to put the photos in an original frame without spending a lot of money. You dare?

decorated photos

Simply rolled-up pieces of paper to give that old portrait holder a new life.

original frame2Photo frameoriginal frameanother frame 2

What if you use the same technique, but instead of being the frame, it is the framing?

original decoration

This type of frame is very original, only with small pieces of fabric you can make the coolest frame. Entertaining, cheap and easy.

frame 1frame2

Manual cross with paper

And if you dare to try this technique on an ornament of another type, I leave you this photo.

another frame


Check out how easy it is to “pimp” a basic hair comb. The materials, very basic: the comb and colored threads. You’ll add charm to that graceless comb this summer.

hair comb


If you want to add charm to glass elements, well, here is an idea. It can be used for any type of glass or plastic vase or candle holder. You must make sure that the glue you use is compatible (and sticks) on these surfaces).

candle holder

Heart curtains

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your room, a very simple one is this one that I present below. You must get a long surface where to hang the threads that will give rise to the papers. You can make them in the way you like the most.

hearts hanger

Triangles box

Another of the easy crafts to do at home that I love is a box of triangular figures, let’s see how. They will surely be perfect in any of your rooms! You choose the colors!

clipping box

The first step is to paint in a very original way and with many colors each sheet of paper. Second, they are cut in the way that you like the most (in the case of the example they were triangular shapes).

Third step is to get a white surface type canvas where you will paste the small triangles. Clever! Simple, easy and inexpensive.

Decorated slippers

If you feel like giving a new life to your white sneakers, wearing a pair of sharpies you can do it. Check it out below.

paint slippers

Confetti Bowls

This is one of the funniest crafts I have come across. Children will certainly have fun with this too. What a cool bowl you will have!

confetti bowl

Crafts for the kitchen

Do you want to decorate a few things in your kitchen? Here are some ideas. There are no excuses to do some of these crafts to do at home.

We will see a simple idea that will allow you to have an entertaining kitchen, simply replace the boring handles of the furniture with kitchen utensils, such as spoons and forks.

gate opener

If you have a disused item, such as a wooden window or door, do not hesitate to rescue it and give it a new life. We see how it was painted in the most entertaining way and hooks were put to hang kitchen utensils. What a new organizer!

antique door as organizer

Redecorate your mug

Bored of the same old bowls? Redecorate them!



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