45 Ideas To Wrap Original Gifts and Surprise

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Christmas is coming and with it the avalanche of things to prepare for the holidays; From choosing the most beautiful tree, decorating the house, reviewing the list of ingredients for the delicious dishes to prepare, to buying gifts, but beyond buying them the issue is Wrapping the gifts!

The only escape from this ritual of giving gifts, and wrapping gifts, is that you do not celebrate Christmas, and yet even without doing so you may be caught in the middle of the celebration and have to buy gifts for your loved ones .

Giving gifts should be a whole science, and if you really want to make something memorable, the ideal is that you do not limit yourself to common and repeated gifts.

Sometimes it is easy to be tempted to buy anything we find curious and give it to someone in the hope that they will like it. However, that is not the goal.

The key to a good gift is that it resembles whoever is going to receive it but also manages to surprise them (positively, of course). It’s about being original, and this ranges from the gift itself to its wrapping.

Do not be confused by thinking that wrapping gifts does not deserve some attention, in these cases we will judge the book by its cover, because no matter how great the gift is, its presentation is just as (or sometimes even more) important than itself.

That is why here we will help you with that, it does not matter if you want to give a coffee pot or a painting, it does not matter what it is! We bring you 45 ideas for gift wrapping, and not only that, but original gift wrapping.

There is nothing better than starting to enjoy a gift even from its packaging, don’t you think?

How to wrap gifts at Christmas

Since Christmas is just around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking of gift wrapping ideas for your loved ones.

So if the goal is to be original, creative, and innovative, then get ready to be inspired!

gift bagchristmas bagsGift boxessweet giftgift with wood ornamentgift with candy includedbear giftsnowman giftreindeer gifthandmade envelopesnowman shaped envelopes

For men

Definitely Christmas is the perfect time to show your loved ones your appreciation, however it is not necessary that you get carried away solely by the Christmas theme.

There are many original wrap options that you can easily use on this occasion (and even take into account for future opportunities)

For women, it is sometimes a challenge to know what to give a man, and although that may vary depending on the gentleman, here at least I want to help you with some quite original ideas for you to wrap his gift.

elegant bagwrap with bowstar wrapshirt shaped gift wrapchristmas ideagift ideasfunny giftwitty giftchristmas gift for menoriginal giftpersonalized gift

To Surprise Women

Of course, all the prominence of gifts cannot be hoarded – only by men. Women also deserve to receive original gifts And what better way than to start with their wrapping?

Here are a few ideas so you can make your gift your favorite!

handwritten message boxmessage boxcandies boxoriginal boxbox with phrasesweet giftcreative wrappingoriginal phrases on the packagingbouquet of sweetsedible giftelegant giftfunny gifthandmade giftoriginal christmas giftabout creative

Without forgetting the little ones of the house

For children, receiving a gift represents an event! and for them the emotion starts from the wrap. It’s that initial glimpse of the gift that makes the moment so much more magical.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to see their faces of excitement and expectation when not only the content is incredible but also the presentation is amazing.

If you want to surprise a little one in your life, here are several examples of how you can do it.

animal boxprincess boxgift bucketsweet in conesweet giftoriginal cookieseducational giftfunny presentprincess giftfunny gifthandmade giftChristmas gift

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