5 essential purchases that you must make before opening your home

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Yes you just bought a house And you don’t know where to start, here are the first 5 purchases you should make before opening your new home.

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1. Mattress

The first purchase of any home must always be the mattress. Poor sleep can negatively affect our health and our day to day, so it is essential to choose a good mattress that allows us to rest properly. A good mattress is a safe investment.

We recommend choosing a mattress suitable for your needs. If you are a bit lost and do not know where to choose from the number of options there are, you can take a look at the selection of mattresses on blogdeldescanso.com. There you will be able to see which are the best mattress models of this year so that you can make a good purchase with your head.

2. Television

Television is another essential purchase for a new home. To choose well we have to take into account the measurements of our living room and above all, the distance at which it will be from the sofa. If we buy a television that is too large, the image will not be able to be seen well if the sofa is placed at a short distance.

Another tip for choosing a good television is to keep up to date with the latest technologies that incorporate the new models so that the television that we buy don’t get obsolete in no time.

And of course, do not forget the reliable reviews that you can find on the Internet, as well as the reference brands that can provide you with good technical service and customer service in case of problems.

3. Table to eat

Depending on the space you have in your living room or if you have a separate dining room, as well as the members that you are at home, you will have to choose the size of the table to eat. For example, if you are a large family but do not have much space, you can use the extendable dining tables.

On the other hand, if you are few people or if you live alone and want to save space, you can buy one lift-up coffee table That it serves as a coffee table and as a table to eat.

4. Sofa

After the mattress, where we usually spend the most time at home is the sofa, so this will also be a very important purchase. The sofas that are sold the most right now are chaise longues and the truth is that they are very practical and comfortable.

If you want to opt for a comfortable and practical sofa, we recommend you buy a chaise longue with storage and with extendable and reclining seats. In this way, you can have a very large sofa bed and a place to store bedding or blankets.

Something else to take into account when buying a sofa is the type of fabric. For example, fabrics such as leather are very easy to clean but in winter they tend to be colder and in summer they become very uncomfortable due to sweat. However, other cloth fabrics can be very difficult to clean and will be an ordeal if you have children or pets.

We recommend you look for a washable fabric and that all the sofa cushions are removable so that it can be washed in the washing machine without problem. In addition, some fabrics have an anti-stain treatment incorporated.

5. Chairs

Finally, we would need some chairs that would accompany the table in the living room and here we will also have to take into account the space we have. For example, chairs with armrests are usually much more comfortable but occupy twice the size of a normal chair.

A good option if you want to buy comfortable chairs but do not have much space is to buy some folding executive chairs. You can usually have two placed, occupying less slowly, and keep the rest folded behind the doors to be able to take them out when guests come.

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