5 home gift ideas from Zara Home

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Decor : 5 home gift ideas from Zara Home

gifts for the home of Zara Home

Not sure what to give? For those who have recently become independent, are redecorating their home or have started a new life in another city, household items such as those proposed by Zara Home are always a successful gift.

To different home gift ideas that Zara Home offers us through its website, we have added other homegrown so that there is at least one that fits your budget. To give any of them you will only have to add it to the basket and mark the gift option. You can ask to have it gift-packaged, add a personalized message, and even have it delivered to your home. Comfortable, right? Let’s go with the ideas:

Basket and blanket

A round base seagrass basket like the one we propose (€ 12.99-22.99), available in different sizes, it is ideal as a storage or decorative element. It can serve as a cover for pots, help keep children’s toys in order or become a decorative and practical element, at the same time, in the living room, as a storage space for blankets or plaids.

Zara Home basket and blanket

And pulling blankets, why not complete the gift with a blanket? You can find it in the Zara Home catalog chenille blankets Polyester in wick stitch very cheap (€ 19.99). And other melange effects with a fringed finish (€ 39.99) that will bring a lot of warmth to the sofa.

Coffee time set

The set for coffee time that Zara Home offers us among its gift ideas contains four pieces made of borosilicate and acacia wood, essential for coffee time. A French pressure coffee maker, a milk churn, a honey bowl and a sugar bowl. The complete set has a price of € 64.96, but you can do without a piece to adjust it to your budget.

It is a very practical gift for anyone who starts from scratch at home and of course, for all coffee lovers. Even for those who don’t drink coffee every day, because it will allow them to make coffee when they want without dedicating the counter or cupboard space that a traditional coffee maker requires.

Gifts for home

Set baking dishes

A porcelain baking dish is always a good investment. Anyone who enjoys cooking will appreciate such a gift, don’t you agree? The Zara Home set consists of a oven ramekin porcelain (€ 5.99) and two dishes of different sizes (€ 15.99-25.99), the largest being ideal for preparing meat or fish for celebrations such as Christmas. All of them, in addition, with a very nice two-color design.

White resin bath set

A white resin bathroom set like this one from Zara Home fits into any modern bathroom. It consists of a soap dish, glass, and dispenser. Three pieces with a clean modern design that you can give away for only € 21.97. One more among the gift ideas for the home of Zara Home this Christmas.

Do you know well the house and the tastes of who is going to receive the gift? Then you can take a risk with other bathroom sets a little more daring in terms of design or color. You will find a great variety in the firm’s catalog.

Bathroom set and vase

Crackle vase

In the Zara catalog there are small objects like this collection of vases with a crackle finish perfect for decorate small corners from € 7.99. On a piece of furniture in the hall, on the windowsill or on the kitchen table with a dead branch they become a decorative object of ten.

Their small size makes them out of the way and really easy to move. However, it is not an impediment to striking thanks to their colors. Each piece has its own design and its own color. We love the mustard and blue ones, do you?

These are just some of the home gift ideas from Zara Home. You will find more on their page and website and of course, many more options in their extensive catalog.

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