5 improvements to make your house look different

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Decor : 5 improvements to make your house look different

For yet another year, many people are waiting for the arrival of the last Friday in November to be able to enjoy the sales that will be offered during Black Friday and thus be able to get these much-needed products at a lower price. Now that there are still several weeks until the arrival of Black Friday 2020, today we want to share with you some ideas that will help you change the appearance of your home through products that we can find in Leroy Merlín, the multinational DIY and decoration company that has all the best at the best price.

Shield the entrance to your house

Safety at home is very important. You never know when we may suffer some type of theft, so it is necessary to use all the means that are within our reach to avoid these situations. To improve security, the first thing to do would be to do it through the front door to the house by installing an armored door. For example, smooth armored door Sapelly / White that we can find in Leroy Merlin. A door that has 4 anti-lever hinges and a 3-point cylinder lock, to provide maximum security for your home and that is made of chipboard with 2 steel sheets.

Renew the floor of your home

The floor of the houses, with the passage of time, loses its initial shine, especially in those areas with a lot of traffic. Taking advantage of Black Friday, we can acquire laminate flooring ARTENS Intenso Plus Huelva natural with which to change our home. It is a laminate floor that offers a surprising result and that is easy to install since it is placed by means of a click system. In addition, it incorporates water repellent, antistatic, antibacterial treatment and anti-scratch protection for pets.

Home security

As we have already mentioned in a previous point, security is very important in any home. In addition to having an armored door, it never hurts to add an extra protection to keep our family and our assets safe. In this sense, invisible lock remock lockey RPL PL It can give us that extra security. It is an invisible lock from the outside, which is activated and deactivated using a remote control.

Improve storage capacity

With the passage of time, it is usual that in our homes we accumulate many things that we do not know in the end where to keep them. To put a little order, auxiliary cabinets usually come in handy. It is the case of Elegance Plus multipurpose wardrobe that we can find in Leroy Melín. A very easy to assemble cabinet that can also be closed with a padlock to protect what we keep inside.

Dress your windows

When we talk about dressing the windows of the home, we are referring to placing curtains or roller blinds that help us protect our privacy, but also, that help us control the light that enters from the outside. There are many options, but in recent years, day and night blinds have been one of the most popular options. In Leroy Merlin we can find the roller blind Pinnete white, made of polyester and that allows to regulate the entry of light without having to raise it completely.

Throughout our publication, we have shared only a few ideas, but there are many products that we can find in Leroy Merlin, throughout Black Friday, at a surprising price designed to improve your home.

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