5 types of wall lamps to illuminate your corners

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Decor : 5 types of wall lamps to illuminate your corners

Wall lamps of different types

Electric light allows us to make up for the lack of natural light in our homes and also create a Pleasant atmosphere in each of the rooms. What’s more, a successful combination of wall, ceiling, floor and table lamps can completely change the perception of them.

Wall lamps They are very useful to illuminate a specific corner of a certain room. The reasons for this are diverse: enhance the light in a workspace, give more prominence to a piece of furniture or simply illuminate corners where we do not have space for a floor lamp. And only by being aware of the objective and the needs of the space to be illuminated, will we be able to assess what type of wall lamp: fixed or articulated, with intense or ambient light, warm or cold …

There are many wall lamps on the market that allow us to combine our both practical and aesthetic needs. And it is these needs that will allow us to choose among the many types of wall lamps: one; the first step in bringing your search to fruition.

Fixed wall lights

Fixed wall lights

Fixed wall lights are a great alternative to illuminate passageways such as hallways or stairs. Thanks to the direct light they can provide, they are also suitable for illuminating bookshelves or bedside tables. And, in addition, a great complement in those workspaces in which it is necessary to reinforce the light.

The ceiling lights with LED technology They are the favorites to illuminate and decorate these types of spaces. Especially those with a translucent screen and soft light that help us create intimate environments. Except in work areas, of course, where it is preferable to choose other types of screens that allow us to achieve a stronger and more direct light.

Minimalist, adjustable in height and mobile

This type of lamp has become a decorative trend. A great option for those looking for a simple and inexpensive alternative that you can customize and create based on your own needs. What do you need for it? A simple wall mount, a cord and a light bulb. Playing with the design of the support, the color of the cable and the volume of the bulb, will be what will allow you to create more or less fun, modern or sophisticated lamps, like the ones in the image.

Minimalist lamps that you can adjust in height

These wall lamps can be adjusted in height, adjusting more or less cable to create more or less illuminated spaces. In addition, if you leave the necessary cable, you can take them from one or the other support to cover your needs at different points within the same space.

Articulated lamps

Articulating wall lamps are a great alternative to illuminate workspaces, including the kitchen, because allow you to direct the spotlight where it is most necessary for you. It is one of the advantages of these lamps that they have articulated and / or extendable arms.

In addition, this type of lamp can offer other types of benefits: light intensity regulation, USB or alarm clock function, among others. Thus, in addition to choosing the design that is tastefully integrated into the space to be decorated, you will be increasing its functionality.

Modern articulated lamps to direct the light

The modern designs with one or two articulated arms and inspired by the old lamps, but more stylish and sophisticated than these, they are today one of the most popular options among this type of wall lamp.


Although if we talk about timeless designs, those of industrial style as they are the flexos are still an essential in the decoration of our homes. The lamps in black or metallic finishes are still the favorites, but it is increasingly common to find pastel versions and even neon decorating different corners of our homes.

Flexos to illuminate workspaces

Wall lamps are a great alternative to decorate the different rooms of your home. They project the light in a vertical or inclined plane where we need it and when fixed to the wall, in addition, they save us space.

What kind of wall lamps do you have in your gogar?

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