+50 Photos of Colors for Kitchens 2021

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The kitchen is the engine of a house. A space for work and sometimes for enjoyment (especially if you eat in it). His choice, with the bathrooms, is the most difficult in the whole house. It is useless if it is beautiful, it must be functional, harmonious and that its energy facilitates work. Many hours of activity are spent in the kitchen.

The importance of kitchen colors

Perhaps because it is a place where we usually spend a lot of time and that sometimes it becomes an area for chatting and sharing when we have guests at home, the truth is that, we always seek that our kitchen stands out in a special way above the rest of the the house (and even other kitchens in neighboring houses)

Of course, when it comes to the kitchen there is much to decide in terms of its style, and there are so many and they are so varied that we have the option of making it: vintage, rustic, luxury and even American.

But if something requires our attention, even above any style to choose, it is the Color!

Colors for the kitchen

The colors for kitchens are as varied as for any other space in the house, however, many seem to settle for traditional white, thus limiting the wide range that colors offer to paint a kitchen.

Kitchen colors are also susceptible to trends, and therefore there are kitchen colors that are more fashionable one year, but not so much the next.

That is why I bring you this selection, so that you know the colors to paint a kitchen that will hit it this 2018. And of course you will not want to be left behind.

The avant-garde and innovation should not be limited only to fashion but to absolutely everything that includes our lifestyle, and there is our home, and therefore, also the kitchen.

White kitchens: the current trend

For a few years, starting in 2012, white has been imposing itself on kitchen furniture, in an almost uncomparable way with other colors. There are reasons for this: the target, in fact, never left. But for each person the energy they need in the kitchen is different. If you are not one of those who wants a white kitchen, we encourage you to analyze with us all these photos of kitchens with a lot of color.

Strong colors: energy to your kitchen

Start this year on the right foot (and good cooking) by getting ahead of the trend for popular colors to be used in this new year. That your kitchen also experiences the renewal of a new cycle And what better way to do it than with walls painted in fantastic colors?

The new year will be about bright and vibrant colors, the kind that fill you with energy just by looking at them (hopefully even energy to cook even when we don’t feel like it). The colors at the forefront are four: Green, yellow, red and orange.

Green kitchens

It is a risky but very energetic bet. If you lack the courage in the kitchen, value green. You have the option of putting it on the furniture or painting some of the walls.

Kitchen with green painted walls. This is the main example of a bad choice of green tones, but you will see that we offer you many more options.

green kitchen

Furniture in muted green tone. More harmony.

kitchen green garden

Dark green for a nineteenth-century touch.

dark green kitchen

White and green kitchen (the image has a somewhat strange tone). The countertop and the wall are green. Furniture in white.

kitchen completely green

Kitchen with green tiles and simple white furniture.

kitchen with green tiles and white cabinets

Beautiful tiling in green to give a feeling of unique space to your kitchen.

kitchen with green ceramics

Different shades of green in this very cheerful kitchen.

kitchen with various shades of green

Grass green tones to brighten a kitchen in places where it is usually cloudy.

kitchen in green color

Turquoise green for the walls of this kitchen in black furniture and white countertop.

green painted kitchen

Vintage touch with green furniture in a predominantly white kitchen.

green kitchen with white

Pastel greens to give a lot of harmony.

pastel green kitchen

Or soft green to give your kitchen a certain rustic charm.

green kitchen

Yellow kitchens

Less risky than in the case of the green ones, a priori, are the yellow ones. Yellow is a color that can suit you very well in spaces like the kitchen. The ideal is to combine it properly and not overload.

This kitchen does not quite convince us due to the combination of wood on the floor and the furniture compared to the almost ocher yellow of the walls. We lack harmony.

spacious kitchen with yellow walls

This almost peachy yellow is very pleasant to look at and feel. Combined with white furniture, it gives a cozy home feeling. It is not a tone that is trending right now, it was about 15 years ago, so be careful not to abuse it.

yellow kitchen

Pastel yellow, guaranteed hit. A very well designed kitchen (except for the green fridge, which we did not like so much).

yellow kitchen with white

The style of the 70s can be seen in this kitchen with yellow furniture. Do not cut yourself with the yellow furniture, but better combine some of them white and do not add green to this composition (look at the blinds and the chairs) because it is already a bit excessive and can tire.

bright yellow kitchen

Simplicity with a touch of the 80s. Kitchen with yellow tiles and white cabinets. You will not say that it is not joy to look at this combination.

yellow kitchen

More tones close to peach yellow. We do not like this kitchen because it is excessively monochromatic. It lacks a bit of contrast. It will be a good choice if you need a kitchen to relax.

completely yellow kitchen

Kitchen with yellow furniture and very modern. Combined with steel and gray stone. A very trendy kitchen.

kitchen with yellow cabinets

French style pastel yellow kitchen furniture.

kitchen with cabinets and yellow walls

Walls and furniture of the same bright yellow hue in the kitchen. We better look for something a little less excessive.

kitchen with yellow walls and cabinets

Yellow furniture kitchen combined with gray stone tiles. This combination only works in very large spaces, as you can see in the images.

kitchen design in yellow

In this other image we can see a new perspective of the same kitchen above. We see how well yellow combines with dark gray to achieve a modern style kitchen, but also with a certain “vintage” air.

modern kitchen with yellow accents

Kitchen with white cabinets, black countertop and pastel yellow walls. A great success not to put the white walls, which would give the feeling of a checkerboard and soften with these yellow walls.

soft yellow painted kitchen

Yellow vintage tiles for a white kitchen A beautiful combination, worthy of a village house in Provence.

rustic kitchen in yellow color

Rustic kitchen with wooden furniture and yellow walls. It seems to us that the yellow of the fireplace or the refrigerator, oven, … is excessively strong and it would have been better to keep the yellow of the rest of the room, softer. This combination seems a bit old-fashioned to us.

extraordinary kitchen in yellow color

Yellow and white in equal parts. Soft yellow furniture at the bottom and white above. A very bright kitchen.

small kitchen in pastel yellow tone

Red kitchens

Red is an extreme color. You may like it a lot or it can produce a lot of rejection. It is the most visceral color, without a doubt, it is the color of blood. We do not recommend creating a kitchen based on red unless you need that energy in this space. Red is a color that calls for activity. Use it sparingly.

Red kitchens have been very fashionable in the early 2010s, in houses where only one man lived. You will see that these designs are reminiscent of formula 1.

spacious red kitchen

Wooden kitchen with burgundy walls, so we don’t have to buy red furniture or appliances, since this is undoubtedly a very special color. The solution then, is to paint the walls red as we see in the image below, you can have a kitchen in the color you like and when you get tired, you can paint another color.

red kitchen with wooden details

Red furniture kitchen. In this other image we see the opposite. They really bet on kitchen furniture in red, leaving the walls in white, so that we can have a kitchen that, although it no longer sets as much a trend as a few years ago, still has a very particular style.

bright red kitchen

This other image also has furniture in red color, cabinets mainly, but also pairs, and the feeling that the image gives off is that of a kitchen perhaps somewhat intimidating, although perhaps due to the intensity of the chosen red (quite off), it makes make it look classy too.

kitchen completely red

Red furniture kitchen with a vintage touch, combined with gray island. This type of kitchen is perfect if you want your kitchen to recreate the style of kitchens from decades like the 50s.

kitchen with vintage elements

An example of a kitchen with red furniture that you can find in large surfaces is still the one you see in the following photo. Perhaps the style or design of this type of kitchen was a trend a decade ago. Currently it is no longer, but if you are looking for something different from what is worn today, you can try it.

kitchen with red cabinets

This other red kitchen image also looks a bit dated, but much more so than the previous one. Wooden furniture that was painted red and would now look better, for example, in pastel or white tones.

classic design kitchen in red

And if you have a small kitchen, the red can be in specific elements, such as a closet or the refrigerator as we see in this other image.

minimalist kitchen with red accents

In this other image, we want you to see that red not only combines well with dark gray, but can also combine with black.

red kitchen with black

If you know that red is essential for your kitchen, here is a good option. Again we advise you to paint the wall red instead of the furniture. Removing the paint only requires disassembling a couple of furniture and you can do it yourself when you get tired of the red…. because you will get tired.

red kitchen

Red also combines very well with white. A good example of what we affirm is this photo that you can see below.

big red kitchen

You can also see it in this other image in which the walls and the kitchen island are red, while the furniture is white.

little red kitchen

Orange kitchens

For me orange is a …

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