6 ideas to renovate a rental bathroom

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Decor : 6 ideas to renovate a rental bathroom

Renovate a rental bathroom

Today like many of us who choose to rent. A choice that has its pros and cons, since it usually influences the degree to which we can make our space if we do not have the approval of the owners. Small changes, however, can go a long way toward transforming a space.

When we work to change the appearance of a rental home and adapt it to our needs, we find the biggest stumbling block in the bathroom. Renovate a rental bathroom it is not always easy. But there are small reforms that we can carry out and that go beyond changing accessories and textiles.

Laying vinyl flooring

Changing the floor will transform the entire room. And it is possible to do it without a major reform and reversibly, so that when you leave you can leave it as it was. How? Betting on a vinyl floor that you can place yourself thanks to the current adhesive and click systems. It is probably not the kind of installation that we would recommend for a flat that you own or are going to stay in for a long time, but it is a great alternative to renovating a rental bathroom and it does not require a large investment!

Vinyl flooring

Change mirror

If the new bathroom has a hanging mirror, you’re in luck! You can keep this well protected in a box so that when you leave the floor you can reinstall it and replace it with a new one. Choose a large mirror with rounded shapes and a discreet frame so that in addition to enhancing the bathroom aesthetically, you multiply the feeling of space and light. Can’t you change the mirror? All is not lost! You can put a frame on it and change its appearance completely.

Bathroom mirror

Replace the lamp

Something as simple as modernize lamps, will help to renew the character of this small space. The bathroom should be a well-lit place; The lack of light not only influences its functionality, it also makes this space more gloomy and with less brightness. It is a change that requires a certain investment and the need to keep a lamp or lampshades during the years that you are going to live there if the contract forces you to leave everything as it was when you arrive, so think about it!

New storage systems

The aesthetics of the bathroom is important, but not more than its functionality. Lack of storage space is often a common problem. A problem that, however, we can solve without a large investment. How? Adding shelves for which you will not need or pierce the walls thanks to current adhesive systems.

Another great idea to gain storage space in a small bathroom is buy a car or waitress. These provide plenty of storage space and can be easily moved from place to place for added convenience. In addition, the trolley that is now useful in the bathroom, you can use it tomorrow in the kitchen or wherever you need extra storage space, they are very versatile!

Bathroom storage

Pictures for the walls

When you cannot renovate a bathroom by changing the tiling of the walls or painting it, place paintings, prints and tapestries that reflect one’s personality becomes a fantastic tool to draw attention to a specific item. As the shelves you can place them without making holes, using adhesive strips for removable pictures.

Pictures and plants in el naño


The inside plants They give life to any room, but we can only decorate the bathroom with these if there are any windows. Reserve a small shelf space to place them, or hang a hanging planter from the bathtub bar. There are plants such as zamioculcas or potos that do not need much care.

Would you have, after reading our proposals, more ideas to renovate a rental bathroom if you found yourself in that need? What idea has surprised you the most?

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