6 keys to a scandinavian rustic Christmas

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6 keys to a scandinavian rustic Christmas

We can not ignore that there is something inherently rustic around the Christmas period. Perhaps it is because of the leafy firs that we put at home, because of the desire to hear the crackle of the fire to keep warm or simply, because of the need to return to our essence during these dates, the truth is that this type of Christmas decoration never stops. be fashionable. In addition, if we choose to combine it with an aesthetic of style plus Scandinavian that brings order and simplicity, the result is simply sweeping.

Do you want to know the keys to achieve a perfect combination of styles? We tell you!


1. Focus on neutral colors

The traditional colors associated with Christmas are red, green, gold, silver and white, but when it comes to recreating the perfect rustic nordic environment, the spectrum is reduced and you have to focus on using more neutral colors as white, gray, beige, brown and even black, but giving special prominence to white. Used in carpets, cushions, blankets and in the different ornaments of the tree, not only will you provide more contrast, but it will allow you to create the sensation of being fully in a snow-covered forest. Is there something more rural?

Oi Soi Oi

2. Use cozy fabrics

Winter invites you to take shelter, to stay in the warmth of the home sheltering from rain, snow or cold. Appetizing tissues, thick, fluffy and fluffy they will be the perfect remedy to not miss the street during these holidays. To do this, what better than resorting to elements that evoke the natural and the basic as cushions of knit wool or imitation blankets sheep hair that contribute a plus of well-being to your space.

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3. Materials that breathe nature.

To choose your Christmas accessories, let yourself be inspired by nature. Use some accessories made in wood recovered and / or recycled materials that contaminate that rural air in the environment, and combine them with others of more minimalist style to give that final Scandinavian touch. To achieve your goal, you will also be served a leafy crown of natural leaves or branches, pineapples freshly picked from the field or any other natural element that you can think of.


And continuing with natural inspiration, why not use a live tree in a pot instead of an artificial tree? An option not only more sustainable, but also produce oxygen and fill your home with a very pleasant aroma. Choose a wicker planter, a brass bucket, or wooden pallets to reinforce the rustic aesthetics of the environment.


4. Animal motifs

The reindeer instinctively awaken the Christmas spirit, whether in patterned motifs, busts hanging on the wall, antlers or figurines scattered around the house, these will convey the essence rustic and festive to your home in an instant. Although not everything is limited to reindeer, you will also be worth reasons that represent other animals typical of Nordic latitudes such as bears, foxes or owls, ... that will allow you to take the wildest side to your home.


5. Light up the windows

During the last weekend of November, the windows of the houses in Scandinavia are filled with light thanks to the lighting of thousands of candles and stars that mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities and that make the long and dark days of the northern winter more bearable. So do not hesitate to get some rustic style candlesticks and place them on the window ledge to illuminate and give more joy to these parties.

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The advent stars They are also another Nordic classic when it comes to illuminating the windows at Christmas, either made of paper or metal, they represent the star of Bethlehem and remain lit from the first Sunday of Advent until well into January.

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6. Less is more

And finally, whatever you do, do not decorate excessively. Both the rustic and the Scandinavian style have to do with simplicity, simplicity, naturalness and a return to the origins. Choose the decoration carefully so that each piece respects this premise and controls the quantity of them, they must be few but effective. This will allow you to see and feel your house open, clean, neat and simple, although unquestionably festive.

Lekker Fris

And you, do you like this style to decorate your house this Christmas? If you do not just convince, you can still find yours among these other 12 styles that we show you. Surely you find the one that best suits you and your home!

Casas Q Inspiran wishes you a very Merry Christmas with its own rustic Nordic-inspired fir. We are looking forward to seeing yours! Do you share it with us?


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