6 types of bedside tables to furnish the bedroom

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Decor : 6 types of bedside tables to furnish the bedroom


The nightstands are part of that group of furniture that we consider essential in the bedroom. They are great allies to increase the storage capacity of the bedroom and are essential to have at hand all those things that we may need when we go to bed and get up.

What objects do you use before going to sleep and when you wake up? What other objects besides those would you like to be able to organize on the nightstand? Study your practical needs, determine which style of nightstand best suits the aesthetics of the bedroom and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Floating nightstands are a great alternative for decorate small spaces. When you do not have much space on either side of the bed or you do not want to recharge the room with bulky furniture, these become a great ally for different reasons:

  • They are visually light. They increase the feeling of spaciousness in the room in which they are placed.
  • They take up little space. The size of most floating models will allow you to place them in small places where a standard table has no place.
  • They allow to clean the floor comfortably. They are fixed to the wall which prevents them from moving. However, being elevated, they facilitate the daily cleaning of the room.
  • They are very decorative. By standing out from the traditional tables, they give the room an original touch.
Floating bedside tables

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The floating wooden tables are today the most popular to decorate the bedroom thanks to the warmth they bring to them. Although those with minimalist designs in light tones: whites, creams, grays… take center stage in bedrooms with modern aesthetics. You can find them with one or two drawers to increase their storage capacity and / or with built-in light so that it is not necessary to place a lamp on it.

Nordic inspired

The Nordic style has become in the last decade a benchmark in interior design. Combining natural wood with white details, the tables of this style bring light and warmth to bedrooms of different styles. On four legs, they generally have one or two drawers that will allow you to have the essentials near the bed.

Nordic-inspired nightstands

1. Nunila-Kave Home, 2. Sklum, 3. Larsen-Made, 4. Sklum

Classic and sophisticated style

Elegance and sophistication define the style of your bedroom? If so, these nightstands will fit perfectly in it. Those that combine a bright white with gold elements They are the most popular for decorating bedrooms with white walls, high ceilings with moldings and large windows.

Sophisticated coffee tables

Small tables by Made and Ikea A more modern touch, however, will give the bedroom the black color designs straight shapes and minimalist style. Do you dare with color? Designs that combine shapes, lines and curves, like Made’s, will give your bedroom that balance between classic and modern.


Industrial style bedside tables generally have a metallic structure. Some are inspired by the design of those metal lockers so used in the past in industries, hospitals or universities, although they are usually updated with more rounded shapes and color.

Indistrial style side tables

1. Savoi-Kave Home, 2.Bavi-Sklum, 3. Trixie-Kave Home, 4.Nikkeby-Ikea, 5.Kluis-Miv Interiors It is also common to find designs that combine metal with wood in order to achieve warmer designs. The more natural and rough these materials are, the more the industrial style of the furniture is enhanced. The more homogeneous and polished, the closer they are to a modern aesthetic.


To give a romantic touch to your bedroom, you will not find a better ally than those nightstands that seem to have just come out of your grandmother’s attic. Designs with turned legs, curved lines and stripped white surfaces are a great option, although we would not rule out those with mesh panels or cannage.

Romantic tables

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They do not have the same prominence as rectangular nightstands and we do not believe that they will never have it, but they are an increasingly popular option. Generally manufactured in lacquered wood in satin tones or with glitter, they have a great decorative power.

Round tables

1.Kurb-Kave Home, 2. Odie-Made, 3. Cairn-Made, 4. Babel 02-Sklum

Visually lighter, they can provide us with up to three drawers to store things. However, these will probably not be as practical as those with square shapes. Why? Because it is more difficult, given its shape, to take advantage of the storage space they provide us.

What type of nightstand would you choose to furnish your bedroom?

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