7 main mistakes when selling a house

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Decor : 7 main mistakes when selling a house

If you have been trying to sell your house for some time but you see that you are not successful, it is common for you to wonder why I am not selling my house and what I am doing wrong. It is usual that throughout this process, owners make a series of mistakes that negatively influence this entire process. So that this does not happen to you, today we want to share with you a list of the main mistakes that owners tend to make when selling their house.

Put a price higher than the real value of the house

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The price that is put on the house is usually one of the main mistakes that is made in this entire sale process. It is common for the owner to want to get as much money as possible from that sale, but it is always necessary that this price is within the market prices. If not, chances are that nobody will be interested in the property.

To establish the price, it is important to take into account the size, its state of conservation and the prices of the area. In case of doubt, it is best to ask for the help of an expert who will appraise the property for us.

Not worrying about the appearance of the house

If you don’t like something at first glance, you will hardly buy it, no matter how much you can see it again. By this we mean that it is important that the home is properly clean and ventilated, as well as removing all kinds of personal decoration, leaving the home as spacious as possible. The client who visits it must be able to imagine living in that home with its own decoration.

Try to sell it yourself

Here we meet other big problems. It is common to think that selling a home easily, but over time you realize that this is not the case. The best solution is to have the services of a real estate agent to advise us and take care of the whole process. In the portal https://vendermicasa.remax.es/ you can find the best agents who will advise you with any questions.

Having bad lighting

Correct lighting can be our great ally when selling our house. It is usually an aspect that is not given importance, but if the buyer cannot see everything correctly, it is most likely that they will not opt ​​for it. To solve this, it is important to check all the lights and illuminate those areas that are more dark. Whenever possible, it should be taught during the day, to take advantage of the benefits that sunlight offers.

Try to camouflage structural flaws

Another of the common failures is to try to hide the damages that the home may have, in the hope that the potential buyer does not notice them. Here it is important to note that no one wants to be fooled, so If the house has damages, before putting it up for sale it would be interesting to solve those problems.

Not preparing the necessary documentation

Putting the entire process of selling the property in the hands of expert real estate agents has the advantage that they will take care of all the legal procedures, as well as the documentation that is necessary throughout the process, but in addition to all this, a common problem is not have other documentation in order that is essential for the sale. For example, be up to date with the IBI payment or have the property deed at hand. It can also be interesting to have the plans of the house or a simple registry note.

Decline an offer for being the first

Finally, a very common mistake is to reject the first offer they make us, even if it is very close to our request, for the simple fact of being the first. On many occasions, this first offer may be the best since it is often the case that these are buyers who are very interested in the property due to its distribution or location.

In case you have in mind to sell your house, keep in mind these errors that we have commented throughout our publication so as not to fall into them. Surely in this way the sale will be made much faster.

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