7 places to use the Pantone color of the year 2015

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7 places to use the Pantone color of the year 2015

Since 2000, Pantone, one of the top authorities in the world of color, has been publishing what is called the color of the year, an election that will condition from the graphic design industry, through the fashion industry and the fashion industry. beauty and of course, the interior design of the year in question.

As you may have noticed, the year 2014 was the year of the Radiant Orchid. For this year 2015 the balance has been tilted by color Marsala (PANTONE 18-1438), an earthy red color, elegant and robust like the wine that gives it its name.


According to Pantone's own definition, Marsala is a dramatic and complex color that in turn puts us in contact with Mother Earth, and whose richness and complexity bring warmth and elegance to the interior of homes.

In short words and summarizing, the color Marsala brings an earthy touch with a bit of sophistication to your home. That is why we did not want to welcome the new year without giving you some ideas and / or recommendations of where and how you can use the one considered by Pantone, color of the year 2015:

1. At the doors. If you have doors worthy of note, either by size or by its particular design, whether they are exterior doors and give onto the street or a landing or are interior doors, you can make them even more special by painting them in the color of the year . They will become a great focal point, as long as you procures that the wall where they are is painted in contrasting colors such as white or gray. We encourage you to open your doors (and paint them) to this new year that begins!



2. On the Walls. Whether you bet on classic or modern environments, the color Marsala can be a good option to consider. Use it to cover all the walls of the space playing in contrast with moldings, baseboards and jambs in white, and you will create a classic ambience at the same time as fresh and clean.


If instead you choose to use it in specific areas of space or only in one of the walls contrasting with the rest, you will get a more modern and asymmetric atmosphere.


If you prefer to be more subtle in terms of its use on the wall, you can always resort to the increasingly varied range of wallpaper that exists in the market. Choose a wallpaper with drawings in the fashionable tone and you will have a quick and easy solution that you can also replace more easily if you get tired.


3. In the bathroom. While a matt finish highlights the organic nature of Marsala, a gloss finish conveys a completely different message of sophistication. Add to your bathroom a bathtub free of bright Marsala color and you will gain a dose of glamor. This option is exclusively recommended if you are thinking about making a reform of your bathroom, you have enough space, and above all, you love this color and want to bet permanently (or at least for a few years) for it.


4. On the Sofa. The qualities of Marsala color are accentuated when used on textured surfaces such as sofas, adding elegance and warmth to any corner. A nice color sofa Marsala will put the note of color and joy you are looking for in a cold room.


5. On the carpet. Persian carpets and kilims have many shades of red, including of course the color Marsala, so it can be a good choice to play with the color in our home without too many headaches. In addition this type of carpets work quite well with dark floors and clear walls.


6. In a box. If you opt for a painting with a color as vibrant as the Marsala it is important to ensure that the wall on which it rests is of a neutral color so that it is not something else that stands out in it. For the furniture of the space you can use leather that combines perfectly with the color.


7. On the cushions. If you have a more limited budget, you do not have the time to dedicate it to the redecoration, or you just want to try the color of the year but without 100% committing to it, you can always opt for the great variety of Marsala color cushions that are taking over the market . Combine them in a consistent color palette, Pantone offers us some here, and go with the decoration of your home and voila, goal fulfilled!


If you dare to include the color Marsala in your home, we will be happy to see and comment the photos of your project in Casas Q Inspiran. If you prefer, you can also register on our website and upload them yourself!

Casas Q Inspiran wishes you a Happy New Year 2015!

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