7 quick tips to care and maintain your garden furniture

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The garden is a space that makes a difference in any home. In fact, as a result of the pandemic it has acquired an even greater relevance, as shown by the data provided by real estate companies, which indicate that the demand for homes with outdoor space has skyrocketed.

If you are lucky enough to have one in your home, you will know from experience that summer is the time of greatest enjoyment. But for that to happen, it is necessary to carry out a series of cares during the spring and early autumn. In the following lines we propose 7 practical tips.

4 protection tasks

Let’s go to the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, when the days are getting shorter and cooler. It’s time to prepare your garden for winter, a time when you probably won’t use this space due to the cold and bad weather. But it is a fundamental moment to carry out the following tasks, which will allow you to better conserve your garden furniture:

  • Thoroughly clean all elements, because the stains that remain on them during the winter will be difficult to remove months later.
  • Covers tables, chairs and similar furniture: the most obvious objective is to protect them from the rain, but even more important is to protect them from UV rays, which discolor their surface and damage materials.
  • Put everything you can safeguard: Even if you think that a cover may be enough to protect your furniture from the rain, humidity is more difficult to control and can seep through any gap. Therefore, if you have the possibility of keeping them indoors or even in an interior space (garage, for example), it will always be more recommended. In addition, indoors, where the temperature is more constant, you will avoid deformations and expansions.
  • Take apart your furniture: If your garden elements are easily removable, it is advisable to keep them that way while not in use, in order to avoid rusting joints and similar damage.

3 tips to fine-tune your furniture

Each garden furniture is different, but in general there are three tasks that you can apply to all of them in the preparation phase for the summer, that is, during the spring:

  • Apply a suitable treatment for the wood since, suddenly, it will be subjected to higher temperatures, the presence of insects and direct exposure to the sun’s rays. Find out about the most suitable varnish, oil or antixilófago for your wood.
  • Repairs cracks and tears: Due to the dilations, this type of damage can occur, mainly in wood and plastics. To do this, you will need a glue especially suitable for exteriors.
  • Perform a cleaning: on the one hand, one like the one mentioned in this post about artificial grass and, on the other hand, a deoxidizing cleaning. In relation to the latter, keep in mind that, despite having thoroughly cleaned the furniture in autumn, it is most likely that in spring you will find some somewhat rusty metal elements. In that case, it will be convenient to apply deoxidizing products to restore luster and, in some cases, even functionality.

In short: to enjoy your garden in summer, you must carry out, in autumn and spring, the tasks that we have explained here for the maintenance and care of the furniture. They will take you little time and you will appreciate it all year long.

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