7 spring floral arrangements that will change your life

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7 spring floral arrangements that will change your life

Various studies show that flowers and plants not only serve to illuminate and brighten up spaces but also influence mental health, raising spirits and providing vitality. That's why from here we want to show you 7 simple and beautiful flower arrangements that you can make anyone and that they have nothing to envy to a florist's arrangement. Because a handful of flowers of colors is all that a room needs to give it a renewed air and that reminds us that the spring It has arrived.

1. Wild hyacinths: Very easy to grow as they require little care, their bluish flowers bloom in April and make a bouquet very apparent and slightly aromatic. Place them in a simple glass of transparent glass so that you can see the contrast between the intense green of the stems and the violet blue of the flowers.

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2. Flowering tree branches: The branches of cherry or prune in flower are a sure bet and they become the center of all eyes by themselves, they do not need another adornment. Sculptural, fresh and colorful, place them in a container with some history and you will triumph. They are ideal for style decorations French countryside Y Japanese.

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3. Spring flowers. A bucket or basket full of freshly picked flowers is all you need to give a country and spring touch to any space. For a less rustic environment, try changing the type of container.

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4. Bulbs in improvised pot. The daffodils are among the first to emerge in spring, their bulbous nature and their characteristic tubular stem allows them to look very good in shallow containers. That's why a makeshift newspaper flowerpot will uncheck you from the rest.

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5. Green leaf. Gather a few cylindrical vessels of different sizes and place inside and in water leaves with different textures and patterns for a modern composition.


6. Orange tree branches. An option that brings freshness to any corner. The vibrant orange color of the fruit stands out even more in contrast to the bright green of the leaves, giving life to this space that otherwise it would look boring.

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7 Aromatic herbs in the kitchen. Some pots with aromatic herbs in the kitchen will not only bring spring home, but will also be very practical as well as flavoring the space. You can choose to place them on the window shelf if it is wide enough or hang them in pots on rails on the wall. The kitchen will no longer look the same.

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We have made it easy, now you have no excuse to create your own spring flower arrangement, for which bets? We encourage you to share it with us at Casas Q Inspiran

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