8 Adorable Kitchen Styles

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Are you looking for an ideal kitchen style for you and your family? Here we bring you 8 different styles that you can consider according to your tastes and preferences.

Modern Kitchen: Elegance and Simplicity

Only necessary decorative elements are incorporated into a modern and elegant kitchen. They generally involve neutral hues and the cabinet style is linear with ample storage space.

modern kitchen design

Vintage: Incorporating old elements

Bring old items into your kitchen to decorate, for example an accessory such as an old drink sign, a telephone, metal pots or some household appliances.

vintage kitchen design

Minimalist: Looking for Order and Harmony

A minimalist kitchen is predictable, everything is in order and harmony. It is highly functional, that is, only the necessary furniture, utensils and artifacts are included. In the same way, the tones are generally neutral to achieve a fresh and modern finish. The cabinets are linear and unadorned, plenty of storage space to avoid including objects on the countertop and not to overwhelm the space. Various textures are used to achieve warmth. Also, we see in this style of kitchens a lot of natural light with open windows or semi-transparent material curtains.

mimalist kitchen design

Industrial Kitchen: Details with Personality

If you are looking to decorate your kitchen in an industrial style, you have to consider exposed materials such as metal, brick, concrete and wood. When these elements are fused you can achieve a finish with a lot of personality, character and masculinity. Decorative items that show wear and tear over time are also often introduced in this style. On the other hand, the most used colors are similar to the tones of the materials used, for example, the gray that represents the concrete; red, brick, among others. The cabinets are straight and with sharp angles. The pipes, wiring and conduits are also on display.

industrial kitchen design

Rustic Kitchen: Warmth and Country Life

Rustic kitchens are warm and inviting. Their main element is wood and a palette of warm colors in the decoration. Solid and very strong wood furniture gives character to the space. Wrought iron lamps or furniture, wicker baskets, beams, hanging pots. A whole scenario that transmits life in the countryside to us will help to achieve this.

rustic kitchen design

Retro Kitchens: Nostalgia for the Past

Use red, blue, black, green or light blue in the decoration. The checkerboard style floor or chess table was widely used in the 40’s and 50’s.

retro kitchen design

Tuscan Kitchens: An Italian corner in your Home

A Tuscan cuisine brings rustic and Mediterranean elements to the environment creating a very warm and familiar atmosphere. They use colors such as yellow, terracotta, brown, beige, cream, gold, rust orange, olive green, and blue. Tuscan kitchen walls are textured with bulky finishes made of stucco for example. So they also use natural materials in stone, marble, granite, for floors or countertops. In the same way, the walls include rustic tiles. As decorative elements, paintings related to life in the country, vineyards, villages, are a very attractive addition that is usually included as a backsplash in the kitchen area.

Tuscan kitchen design

We will also find metallic materials of wrought iron or copper, as well as the rustic style, apiques in lamps and pots. Decorate with baskets, clay pots, fruits, olive oil.

Scandinavian kitchens:

A Scandinavian style kitchen is functional, bright, fresh and modern. Linear finishes, natural materials and neutral colors. The furniture is made of wood, often whitewashed to create a more light environment. Fabrics used for curtains or rugs, for example, are often with floral or striped patterns. Accent hues of red, blue, green or yellow are used. The window is free, without curtains and pots with fresh flowers and green plants are placed.

Scandinavian kitchen designThese were some kitchen styles to inspire you. If you have any ideas to decorate your kitchen, tell us!

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