8 Magnificent Offices With Chocolate Brown Walls

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The office is the environment where we spend several hours of the day, therefore, creating a pleasant atmosphere full of energy will help us feel comfortable and willing to give the best of ourselves all day. Choosing from the vast range of colors which one is appropriate for this environment is not difficult, since we can be guided by what each one of them transmits to us and give it the appropriate use.

The color chocolate brown It is the ideal color for an office because this shade offers us stability, confidence, a lot of security and represents the success of a new beginning. As well as bringing elegance, comfort and distinction to the office.

A office with chocolate colored walls it looks great with other shades of browns or browns, bringing an earthy feel to the space that will provide instant warmth and comfort. On the other hand, many can visualize this tone as boring, serious and even dirty, but there are several ways to attract an attractive look and minimize the defects that can transmit you, as we can see in the following designs that we show later.

The chocolate color combines with other shades, especially to attract light to the space such as white, gray, yellow, gold, among others. In this way, if you have a small office, apply one of these colors to the furniture or part of the walls, you can visualize the most balanced environment without enhancing the darkness that accompanies the chocolate itself.

The colors we can choose for the furniture They range from natural or light wood to the same chocolate that will blend harmoniously with the tone of the walls. Let’s not forget that the white color attenuates and perfectly accompanies the chocolate brown color, you can include it without fear because it will give a lot of enhancement to your design.

Here are some offices decorated with Chocolate Brown walls:


A feminine and elegant office with chocolate colored walls and curtains. Where they also include various types of flowers in the decoration to make anyone happy. As well as using glass and metal for the shelves, auxiliary table and desk area, in addition to giving a touch of luxury to the space, they help reflect the light from the environment. The curtains made of a very soft and semi-transparent material in chocolate allow light to pass through without losing privacy.


This magnificent specimen shows us how by coating a wall with neutral mosaics, including the chocolate hue, the office can look magnificent, especially if a large bookcase is added to soften this great focal point.


A small and narrow office, with dark walls and large niches in white background and glass shelves to capture more light. Various light systems have been adapted throughout the room for the same purpose and to achieve a very cozy office with the large carpet and light wood furniture.

Design by: Designer’s Notes

A shared office design, where each space is personalized with different types of wallpaper without losing harmony. Beige walls match the large chocolate brown built-in wall cupboard.


In this great office design that shows us marked contrasts not only in the color scheme but also in the textures and patterns used for its decoration. The combination of white and chocolate with thick stripes on the walls seems to expand the walls. The rich patterns in the various tapestries used immediately convey a warmer and more welcoming office.


In this magnificent design, the office various shades of brown in the decoration. As well as the walls are attenuated by the large number of decorative paintings on a white background. A beautiful drape drop for added elegance and style. The desk is the focal point of the office, including attractive plants with beautiful little planters in the decor helps bring the space to life.

Design by: Burnham Design

A chocolate brown office with some patterns on the curtain fabrics will add depth and texture to the office.

Design by: Jeff Andrews

The large windows with white frames and the size of the office allow to include the chocolate brown in the walls that make it up. The large green view and the plants that are included inside bring the office to life.

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