8 reasons why you should put wood in the bathroom

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8 reasons why you should put wood in the bathroom

Betting on wooden surfaces in the bathroom until recently was something that lacked any logic by the porosity of the material that made it degrade very easily in contact with moisture and water. However, thanks to the entry into the world of the decoration of tropical woods, more resistant to steam than the traditional ones, and increasingly effective treatments against humidity with sealants, polyurethane paints and superefficient ventilation systems, it is possible to give the Welcome to the tones and texture of the wood in the bathroom without any reservation.

Take a look at the following bathrooms to inspire you and where you bet decidedly on wood, we give you up to 8 reasons to decide!


1. Because it allows you to give texture to the walls.

Lining wooden walls works very well in bathrooms to provide softness and texture as opposed to the usual sanitary blank. Choose wood panels that leave a beautiful vein exposed and the effect will be irresistibly cozy. We love this space where it has been combined with dark ceramic flooring in contrast.


2. Because it helps you introduce a touch of rustic style in the bathroom.

If you are a lover of the rustic style you are in luck, the wood applied on any surface will allow you to evoke that rural touch with hardly any effort. Of course, remember that for the style to be as accurate as possible it is important that you use reclaimed wood as has been done in these bathroom countertops, one entirely made of wood and the other, with slats covering the front of the drawers.

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If you are one of the lucky ones who lives in a house with old beams, you will not have to resort to too many additional elements in wood to recreate that rural environment. Simply leaving the beams to the natural and the sight and combining it with more modern and current complements will achieve a perfect balance between modernity and tradition.


3. Because it will make you feel like you are in a SPA.

There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than the incorporation of natural wood in the bathroom and they know that very well in the hydrotherapy centers that use it without qualms to achieve their goals. This bathroom with the shower access area covered in ipe wood has nothing to envy to the most outstanding of the spas.

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4. Because it allows you to unify the spaces.

Wood is a very suitable material to establish continuity between the bedroom and the bathroom. This will allow you not only to transfer the sensation of rest throughout the space, but also to enjoy natural light in the bathroom, converting daily hygiene into a pleasure for the senses.


5. Because it provides volume to the walls.

The wooden panels are a good alternative to give dimension and personality to the spaces and not only that, since they will also give you the possibility of hiding the tangle of pipes that could be in the bathroom in a discreet and harmonious way. The design possibilities are as many as our imagination allows: corrugated horizontal panels, vertical panels, baseboards, partitions with quarter panels, more oval shapes, etc. You can also adapt to the different color trends by repainting the panels according to the fashionable colors.

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6. Because it adds warmth to a cold bath

If you are one of those who still generate some concern to use too much wood in a damp space do not fear, some nuances in wood will soften a bath too cold and dispassionate. You only have to know how to choose a place where it rarely comes into direct contact with water like the one in this space where the depth of the washbasins keeps the wooden splash-free countertop.


7. Because it is one more tool to introduce color in the bathroom.

We are more than seduced by the charm of wood in its natural finish, but you should not underestimate the possibility of dying any piece of furniture in your bathroom to achieve a different and more than colorful result. It is a skillful way of introducing color in the bathroom in an eventual way in front of changes in other more permanent elements such as sanitary, floors, tiles or painting on walls.


8. Because it conveys warmth and comfort just by stepping on it

In one of the places of the home where we often go without shoes, having wooden floors is a delight for the senses. The secret lies in the low thermal conductivity of the wood that allows it to keep the temperature very well and that we do not take a fright when we step on it just out of the shower. If you have decided on this option, it goes without saying that a conscientious sealing and anti-humidity treatment is very important.


And you have already decided? Would you put any element of wood in the bathroom? Remember that for your decision to be a success it is necessary to follow these 3 basic rules to the letter:

  1. Choice of a suitable wood, as resistant to moisture as possible.
  2. Apply an effective treatment against moisture.
  3. Sustained maintenance over time, renewing varnishes and taking care to dry surfaces that come into contact with water on a day-to-day basis.

If so, we would love you to share your opinions, experience and / or photos with us. Take the step, we wait for you!

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