9 ways to succeed with zebra print

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9 ways to succeed with zebra print

It has been some years since the animal print or popularly known as "animal print" became fashionable in home decoration, a trend that today is still very topical to the point of becoming almost a new classic. One of the most used animal print is the zebra print. Whether it's on cushions, carpets or even furniture upholstery, zebra print It has become an upward trend to give a touch of exoticism and sophistication to an environment whether these modern, traditional or eclectic. In addition, the zebra print It is the animal print easier to combine thanks to its neutral colors that allow it to combine and adapt to any type of decoration.

Go ahead and put some zebra in your house! From here we show you how:



A zebra rug is always a safe bet. You can place it directly on the floor or superimpose it on another carpet in contrast. Either way you will add a point of visual interest to the room.

ZebraRug_MaisonsduMonde TO BUY


Brian Watford

The zebra print adds a brushstroke of audacity and fun to any space no matter how neutral it is and the cushions are the easiest way to do it. This simple printed cushion gives a touch of mischief to this aseptic and neutral receiver.

ZebraPillow2 TO BUY


Joy Tribout

Give any corner of the house an unexpected touch with a mirror with a zebra print frame. Any space is likely to be used, from a dressing area, a hall, to an area with bar furniture. An easy, fast solution and success is assured.

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Megan Winters

This wallpaper with zebra print is definitely risky and manages to give a textured effect to the wall on which it is located. To make the right choice, keep the rest of the decoration and accessories in neutral tones so as not to overload the environment.

debona_masai_white_black_6161_3 TO BUY



If you really bet on the zebra print, you can avoid the use of accessories and launch directly to use furniture in this pattern. In this case it is important to choose the place well and details that will accompany it so that the piece does not lose prominence.

ZebraCabinet_Horchow TO BUY


Domaine Home

One of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a classic environment into a more current one is the reupholstering of chairs or armchairs. A Louis XV or XVI chairs with zebra print will give a traditional room a touch of unexpected sophistication. In addition, they will continue to be combined with the pre-existing decoration because, due to their neutral quality, they adapt to any color and style.

ZebraArmchair TO BUY



When decorating the room for the little ones, leave the traditional bears and penguins aside and replace them for zebra motifs like the swing of this space. Your children will enjoy it in the same way!

Zebra_rocker TO BUY


Williams Sonoma

This bench or ottoman serves as a coffee table in this traditional space, breaking with the monotony but without overloading. If you want to surprise visitors, what better way to serve them coffee in this makeshift and alternative coffee table!

ZebraBench_AlojaDogatoPreto TO BUY


The Style Files

Despite the amount of decorative objects in this space, this painting becomes the great focal point to which all eyes are directed. Combine it with dark and colonial style furniture to give an exotic atmosphere to your space and you will feel like living your own safari at home.

CanvasCebra_MaisonsduMonde TO BUY

And you, do you dare to put a zebra in your house? If so, we encourage you to share your space with us.

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